Dutch Horticultural sector and rapper Ali B surprises the elderly with flowers

In an initiative by the horticultural sector in the Netherlands and Dutch rapper Ali B, around 150,000 elderly people in care homes and those who live alone and receive homecare in The Netherlands, were surprised with a colourful bouquet on Good Friday, 10 April. 

It has been all hands on deck last week to prepare for the national floriculture campaign ‘Working together to combat loneliness amongst the elderly’. Thousands of flowers have been harvested, fabulous bouquets have been made up and packaged, and logistics and transportation have been arranged. Senior citizens organisation ANBO has provided the addresses of nursing and care home locations where flowers would be welcome. The trucks went out on the road last Friday to deliver the bouquets to the elderly with a message of love and hope. The flowers were handed out by Ali B and local delivery heroes. They were closely followed by the media, whom we informed about the event and who were taken by the enthusiasm with which the rapper announced the campaign .

The elderly received the flowers with gratitude. Dutch Minister Schouten (Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality) also found it very special that the horticultural sector initiated this campaign, despite the malaise it is experiencing. She called it a very powerful message.

An impression of the event (in Dutch):

Companies in the sector joined together
The coronavirus crisis has resulted in many elderly people becoming isolated. A large number of businesses in the horticultural sector have come together to do something about their solitude at this time. A broad coalition of companies from the Dutch floriculture sector, ANBO and Ali B joined forces on this campaign. They made a contribution in the form of product, transportation, logistics, communications or financial contribution to make this campaign a great success. 

Flower campaign as support
With this flower campaign they showed senior citizens that they have not been forgotten. Despite the heavy blows that the sector has suffered, it wanted to make a difference and highlight the fact that you can still make lots of people happy with flowers and plants. It urged consumers to also get involved and give an attractive bouquet of flowers or a plant to elderly people who could value such a kind gesture at this difficult time. Now is the perfect time to work together to combat loneliness!

In the media
The floricultural campaign received a lot of attention in the Dutch national and regional press, and it was also front-page news in De Telegraaf. The campaign was also discussed in Dutch TV-programs such as the NOS Journaal, Jinek, RTL Boulevard and SBS Shownieuws. On Saturday evening, presenter Robert ten Brink went out with Ali B in the RTL program 'All You Need Is Love', rounding off the action in an endearing way.

Horticultural sector and Ali B treated Dutch lonely elderly people to fabulous flowers
Flower bouquets were handed to elderly by minister Schouten and mayor Verhoeve of Gouda (copyright image: Cinefleur)