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Autumn officially begins on 23 September - the perfect time to unveil an extensive autumn dossier on Because autumn encourages us to stay indoors, with flowers, obviously! A dossier packed with autumnal floral delights in flaming colours, and ‘let it rain’ DIY craft projects for staying in.

This season calls for flowers​
The autumn dossier is a follow-up of the Celebrate Seasons summer campaign. With the slogan ‘Autumn calls for flowers’, we highlight the positive effects of both flowers, and the new season. Classic autumn flowers that will be in the spotlight - obviously accompanied by bouquet recipes - are chrysanthemums, asters, rosehips, Veronica, Hypericum, Crocosmia and Scabiosa. We will be publishing this content on and the sister platforms in Dutch, German and French, as well as their associated social media channels. 

DIY projects with autumn flowers​
Because this season encourages us to spend more time indoors, we’re going to make it cosier with flowers. And it’s not just about the result, but also the crafting process itself. Think of a home-made home fragrance with roses and sage, a dried flower project, or a fragrant floral bath. And that’s just a few ideas from the autumn content. Combined with the new fabulous photography bursting with shades of red, orange, yellow and pink, the autumn dossier offers plenty of inspiration for a glowing season.

Get involved!​
Are you offering your customers this inspiration on the shop floor as well? Download the campaign poster and other autumn images below. You can use these on all your own online channels, when you credit, to make sure that no customer can overlook the 
fact that this season calls for flowers.

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