Assets available now: The Trend Collection Spring/Summer 2022

Inspire customers by using the Bright and Breezy style trend

March 2022 will see and presenting the new Trend Collection based on the Bright and Breezy trend. We will be promoting the Spring/Summer collection using online and offline channels for our new images, supported with a substantial promotion plan. 

Media, influencers and content Trend Collectie lente/zomer 2022
The media campaign will start April 19th. with an extensive media presence in all four core countries (the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom) and will last for three weeks. There will be online advertising, a PR campaign and collaborations with influencers. We will have new content and a new Lookbook on and, and its sister sites in the countries mentioned and all associated social media channels. 

Produce your own trendy communications with these campaign materials  
If you want to inspire your customers with the Trend Collection, please download the campaign materials below and use them in your newsletters or on social media channels. Please credit and and use the following hashtags: #thetrendcollection, #thejoyofplants and #funnyhowflowersdothat. 

Image Bank and Marketing Portal
You can download the images from our image bank. The French, German, English and Dutch campaign images are also available in our online Marketing Portal, where you can find posters and banners in Polish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Danish and Swedish as well. The online Marketing Portal is accessible to our paying stakeholders and can be accessed on request via the login page

More information
If you would like to find out more about this Trend Collection or the Trend Collections in general, please contact Isabel Groot, Campaign Manager on

*The hashtags for this campaign in all four countries are: #trendcollectie, #trendkollektion, #thetrendcollection, #lacollectiontendance

February 2022

The Trend Collection Spring/Summer 2022 - Video screen
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