Latest edition of We Need More Flowers now live

Campaign materials available for Germany and the Netherlands

An additional edition of the We Need More Flowers campaign started on 1 November in the Netherlands and Germany, and it will highlight the theme of loneliness. Parties in the sector and sales channels can participate by making use of the downloadable campaign materials.

‘We need more attention’  
The campaign shows how flowers are social connectors and make a positive contribution to combating loneliness. The key idea is that ‘we need more attention’. Genuine bonds. Genuine connections. Flowers can play an important role in this. Flowers bring people closer together and can often express more than words ever can.

We have developed marketing assets for the campaign to use in your own (online) marketing.  


Consumer media
With this new campaign we are responding to demands from the sector for an extra cut flower campaign in the autumn. A media campaign will run in Germany and the Netherlands for three weeks, and the assets will also be available in English. At the heart of the campaign is the ten second film. We will be drawing this to consumers’ attention through YouTube, mobile media (smartphones) and social media. We will also spread the message by working with influencers, and we will highlight flowers as flowering connectors on our Dutch and German consumer sites, and, and their associated social media channels.

Downloadable campaign materials
If you would like to participate in the campaign, please download the Dutch and German online video, the accompanying poster and the content image for use in- store and in your own (online) marketing channels. Please use the Dutch credits, German and English credits: @mooiwatbloemendoen, #wehebbenmeerbloemennodig, @tollwasblumenmachen, #wirbrauchenmehrblumen, @howflowersdothat and #weneedmoreflowers 

Marketing Portal
The materials are also available in high resolution on the Marketing Portal - in German, Dutch and English. The Portal is available to our paying stakeholders. If you do not have an account yet, you can apply for an account.

More information
For more information, please contact Daan Langstraat, Campaign Manager cut flowers:

October 2021

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