The Trend Collection Autumn/Winter 2021 launches soon

Our plans for presenting the new collection of flowers and plants to consumers
At the start of September our consumer websites and will be filled with inspiration of the new Trend Collection . This season is based on the trend theme Balanced Biotope, and it will encourage  consumers to create an indoor biotope at home. Rugged plants and flowers in surprising natural shades with rough edges complement this trend.

When, where and how?
The Trend Collection Autumn/Winter launches soonWe will be promoting this rich collection from 1 September to 20 March 2022 in our four core countries, both online and offline through various channels. It will  feature fabulous image material and will be supported by a strong promotional plan based on the following pillars:

  • media
  • influencer collaborations
  • content dossier
  • online Lookbook
  • PR activities

Media, influencers and content
The campaign will start with intensive media deployment over three weeks, including online advertising. Throughout the campaign period there will be collaborations with influencers that can be followed using country-specific hashtags*. Additionally, a regular flow of content in line with The Trend Collection will be available on the websites and,  and their sister websites in Germany, France and the Netherlands, and all associated social media channels.

Online Lookbook
Following the great success of the previous collections’ Lookbooks, this collection will also have a new Autumn/Winter 2021 online Lookbook. A booklet filled with beautiful flower and plant photography for design-curious customers. 

Lookbook Trend Collection Autumn/Winter 2021 Flowers & Plants

Attention-grabbing PR
In addition, we will be sending press releases to consumer media, and arranging special media collaborations. We are also working on in-person events within the limitations of Covid-19. We are organising a Balanced Biotope Brunch for media professionals and influencers in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. In Germany there will be a yoga class for press and influencers in a Balance Biotope setting where they will be presented with products in the collection during the class. PR in France will start in October, which will include  an editorial partnership with Le Journal des Femmes. 

Download the images​ 
You can also inspire your own customers by downloading the images below with credits and the following hashtags: #thetrendcollection, #funnyhowflowersdothat, #thejoyofplants #trendcollectie, #trendkollektion, #lacolle ctiontendance, #mooiwatbloemendoen, #mooiwatplantendoen.

- A2 Poster Trend Collection autumn/ winter 2021
- Banner Trend Collection autumn/ winter 2021
- Video screen Trend Collection autumn/ winter 2021

- A2 Poster Trend Collection flowers autumn/ winter 2021
- Banner Trend Collection flowers autumn/ winter 2021
- Video screen Trend Collection flowers autumn/ winter 2021

- A2 Poster Trend Collection houseplants autumn/ winter 2021
- Banner Trend Collection houseplants autumn/ winter 2021
- Video Screen Trend Collection houseplants autumn/ winter 2021

- A2 Poster Trend Collection outdoor plants autumn/ winter 2021
- Banner Trend Collection outdoor plants autumn/ winter 2021
- Video screen Trend Collection outdoor plants autumn/ winter 2021

Available on the image bank and marketing portal
The high-resolution images can be downloaded from our image bank.
The French, German, English and Dutch campaign images can also be found on our online marketing portal, but furthermore, posters and banners in Polish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Danish and Swedish can also be found. This portal can be accessed on request.

Want to find out more?
If you would like to know more about this Trend Collection or The Trend Collection in general, please contact UK Country Manager Chanel de Kock at or Campaign Manager Isabel Groot at:

August 2021

De Trend Collectie herfst/winter 2021 | Moodboard
The Trend Collection Autumn/Winter 2021 | Moodboard
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