Valentine’s Day on the consumer platforms

Between 1 February and 14 February, and its sister platforms in other countries will be full of Valentine’s Day content to celebrate love.  We will be reusing assets from 2021 with additional updated photography.

What we’ll be doing 
We will be publishing a love-filled Valentine’s content dossier on The focus of the dossier is on the bouquets that match different types of love, like a bouquet for friendship love, passionate love and self-love. Because love - just like flowers - comes in all shapes and sizes. We will be promoting the content dossier through our own social media channels, ads on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, as well as using Google Adwords. The photography for the new images will be done in mid-January 2022, and be available from around 24 January.Valentijn pragma boeket

More information
If you want to find out more about the Valentine’s campaign, please contact Tessa Triesscheijn, Content Marketing Manager, at

December 2021