Who is who

United Kingdom

Image Chanel

Chanel de Kock

marketing manager United Kingdom +44 (0)203 878 5244 c.de.kock@flowercouncil.co.uk
"Chanel de Kock is our ‘English Connection’. She makes sure that the campaigns that are developed in the Netherlands also reach a large audience in the United Kingdom. With a background in fashion retail she knows precisely how to create a lifestyle and happiness message. Chanel enjoys nothing more than selling a smile. And what makes her smile is an elegant bouquet of peonies and the volunteering that she does in South East Asia."

The Netherlands

André de Waard

Online & media marketeer +31 (0)174 72 70 21 a.de.waard@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"Marketing, media, motorbikes and messing around in the garden: those four Ms are André's passion. At the Flower Council of Holland he works on the first two every day, particularly in digital form. His goal is to reach the consumer online with a lively message about a fabulous product. André is very proud of the engaged and flexible team that he works with, but he is even more proud of his young son."

Beppy van der Vaart

content marketeer +3 (0)1174 72 70 23 b.vandervaart@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"Beppy would like to share the happy feeling that she gets from flowers and plants with everyone. She does this by writing happy articles, developing smart content strategies, conversing online with the target group and managing the international editorial team (which results in happiness in 4 European countries). In terms of happiness content, Beppy would place the hydrangea in first place, followed by the dahlia and gloriosa. And in the category of extravagant hairdos, the houseplant Beaucarnea beats the rest of the field, apart from Beppy, that is. "

Daan Langstraat

campaign manager cut flowers +31 (0)174 72 70 19 d.langstraat@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"Daan’s goal is to get flowers on the consumer’s shopping list. He does that by planning, developing and executing eye-catching campaigns at international level. Ideally, he likes to work within a team, since that’s what he’s used to. Because at home Daan is surrounded by five women: his wife, three daughters and their dog. The perfect crowd to come home to with large flowered pink roses.”

Esther de Waard

Brand manager +31 (0)174 72 70 18 e.de.waard@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"A long-term relationship in which the love is 100% mutual - that's what Esther wants for the consumer. As brand manager she has overall responsibility for the consumer brands, develops marketing strategies and plans, and translates them into campaigns, promotions and content in collaboration with the team. She also arranges high quality market research. And she’s successful in this: the consumer brands are consistently gaining a distinct identity and value. "

Ines ten Hake - van Dijk

Office manager +31 (0)174 72 70 20 i.van.dijk@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"Staking dahlias, peeling bulbs, trimming hyacinths: Ines did it all when she was young (as the daughter of a bulb grower). Now she makes sure that the entire office runs like clockwork with the same precision. Ines calls, arranges, books, orders and also scours all the trade press for interesting articles. Her support enables the team to devote themselves 100% to developing high profile campaigns. And it will probably come as no surprise that the tulip is her favourite flower."

Isabel Groot

campaign manager garden plants +31 (0)174 72 70 12 i.groot@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"Get rid of those paved gardens! Isabel is a woman on a green mission. Following a career as a psychiatric nurse and marketing manager at a plant breeder, Isabel is now working to make the world a little greener as the campaign manager for garden plants. Preferably with potted alstroemeria and celosia. What she wants to make very clear is that enjoyable gardening is less about green fingers, and more about a love for plants."
Ivo van Orden

Ivo van Orden

marketing manager Netherlands +31 (0)174 72 70 15 i.van.orden@bloemenbureauholland.nl
“You get further by linking the right parties to one another. This helps to raise the profile of campaigns like Favourite Flower and Cupidrone. Ivo is responsible for coordinating our activities in the Dutch market and is the point of contact for our stakeholders there. He also works as campaign manager for garden plants. Ivo enjoys nothing more than working with others to promote products that really do make people happy. Although waking up in a Peruvian village beside a field full of Alstroemerias does come a very close second.”

Karin van den Berg (a.i.)

activation marketeer +31 (0)6 269 77 888 k.van.den.berg@bloemenbureauholland.nl
“As the daughter of a bulb grower, Karin has green genes. Combine that with training in Marketing and Communication and various jobs in the horticulture sector and you end up with the perfect botanical CV. At the Flower Council of Holland Karin arranges campaigns on the shop floor that activate customers. With a single goal: to make people happy with more flowers and plants. Her own favourite flowers are seasonal favourites: tulips, peonies, Helleborus - each has its own special time. After all, stew also tastes much better when it’s cold outside!”
Marc Eijsackers to leave the Flower Council of Holland

Marc Eijsackers

managing director +31 (0)174 72 70 24 m.eijsackers@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"Marc Eijsackers' goal is to make buying a lovely bunch of flowers (or a fantastic plant, of course) as natural as buying crisp fresh bread. He develops the strategy and the plans to achieve that, and gives his team the room to excel. He is delighted when they manage to inspire large groups of European consumers in a creative way with limited resources. Personally he likes to be inspired by large-flowered roses and a good bottle of wine. "

Monique Kemperman

Campaign manager houseplants +31 (0)174 72 70 26 m.kemperman@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"Making houseplants an essential part of every interior is what Monique focuses on every day. She works with PR and advertising agencies to ensure that houseplants get the attention they deserve in the Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Partly thanks to Monique, the term 'Houseplant of the Month' has become part of the culture within the sector and with consumers. If it were up to her she would put the spotlight on the fresh green African hemp every month, but a cheeky bunch of tulips also makes her happy."

Olga Boichuk

assistant Controller +31 (0)174 72 70 30 o.boichuk@bloemenbureauholland.nl
“Plants bring your interior to life and stimulate the senses,” says Olga, who used to have her own interior design business. Nowadays she looks at the design of financial processes, monitors marketing budgets and tussles over finances with the various marketing specialisms within the Flower Council. Jasmine of her favourite plants: “they smell amazing!” Hardly surprising, since she also has a passion for perfume. Her favourite bouquet must definitely include peonies."

Rob van Tol

Controller +31 (0)174 72 70 16 r.van.tol@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"The sturdy and robust chrysanthemum is at the top of Rob's list of favourite flowers. That comes as no surprise from a controller who manages an accounting system which is as solid as a rock. Rob is responsible for reports, budgets and annual accounts, but also for IT, property and other facility services. He grew up amidst the flower nurseries in Roelofsarendsveen, which has left him with 10 green fingers. Rob is happy when projects run smoothly in terms of finance and administration, and when his Rhipsalis at home is looking good."

Tessa Triesscheijn

manager content marketing +31 (0)174 72 70 14 t.triesscheijn@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"Alongside her family, riding her motorcycle, dahlias and oysters with strawberry milk, there is one other thing that makes Tessa's pulse beat faster: telling stories. And that is precisely what she does all day. She develops the content strategy, writes and collects content, places it online and analyses its impact. She also manages the international editorial team, looks for content partners and remains in continuous dialogue with the target group. If it's your birthday, Tessa will send you flowers or a plant. With a story, naturally."


Frank Teuber

Marketing manager Germany +49 (0)201 51 78 40 30 f.teuber@blumenbuero.de
"The right note in the right place - that is what gets Frank excited. He's our link between the Netherlands and Germany, and ensures that flowers and plants are top of mind with every German. As a marketing man with a background in psychology he is perfectly placed to inform us about the consumer attitudes, tastes and (buying) trends in Germany. Hitting the right note is also something Frank likes to do when he's on stage as a blues singer and bass player."


Ron Jeronimus

Marketing manager France +33 (0)173 03 04 40 r.jeronimus@officedesfleurs.fr
"In the dim and distant past Ron dreamt of a career as a flower arranger, but in the end he became our man in Paris. Which was lucky for us, because thanks to Ron we have a strong network in France and we know precisely what French consumers' attitudes and tastes are, what’s happening in the retail sector and what the trends are. Personally he recently rediscovered the gladiolus - pure childhood sentiment - when his mother gave him a large bunch of the flowers. "