Who is who

United Kingdom

Chanel de Kock

Chanel de Kock

country manager United Kingdom +44 (0)7957 089 875 cdekock@flowercouncil.co.uk
"Chanel de Kock is our ‘English Connection’. She makes sure that the campaigns that are developed in the Netherlands also reach a large audience in the United Kingdom. With a background in fashion retail she knows precisely how to create a lifestyle and happiness message. Chanel enjoys nothing more than selling a smile. And what makes her smile is an elegant bouquet of peonies and the volunteering that she does in South East Asia."


Andrea Becker is new Marketing Manager Germany

Andrea Becker

Country manager Germany +49 (0)201 51 78 40 30 abecker@blumenbuero.de
“Andrea Becker is our woman in Germany. Her mission is to keep the German market growing and flourishing. Her personal botanical favourite is the palm tree, because it instantly makes her feel the sun on her skin and smell the sea. That's probably to be expected when you have an MBA from Pepperdine University in Malibu. When she's not working or dreaming of swaying palm trees, Andrea enjoys experimenting with healthy recipes and exploring new countries and cities."

The Netherlands

Anneloes Demmers

content manager +31 (0)174 72 70 23 ademmers@bloemenbureauholland.nl
“Anneloes likes making beautiful things: painting and pottery, but also fabulous content in collaboration with magazines and influencers. With experience in the fashion, agency and property world she has a fresh perspective on flowers and plants. Her mission is to inspire people to bring flowers and plants into their homes. In her own home she likes to display peonies. Or a statement ficus lyrata.“

Daan Langstraat

campaign manager cut flowers +31 (0)174 72 70 19 dlangstraat@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"Daan’s goal is to get flowers on the consumer’s shopping list. He does that by planning, developing and executing eye-catching campaigns at international level. Ideally, he likes to work within a team, since that’s what he’s used to. Because at home Daan is surrounded by five women: his wife, three daughters and their dog. The perfect crowd to come home to with large flowered pink roses.”

Esther de Waard

manager strategy & campaign +31 (0)174 72 70 18 edewaard@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"A long-term relationship in which the love is 100% mutual - that's what Esther wants for the consumer. As brand manager she has overall responsibility for the consumer brands, develops marketing strategies and plans, and translates them into campaigns, promotions and content in collaboration with the team. She also arranges high quality market research. And she’s successful in this: the consumer brands are consistently gaining a distinct identity and value. "

Fleur Fiers-Bol

shopper activation marketeer +31 (0)174 72 70 33 ffiers@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"Shopper Activation Marketeer Fleur is no stranger to the plant industry. As the daughter of a potting soil supplier, she grew up amidst horticulture. Her passion for marketing turned out to be a perfect combination with her love of flowers and plants. Fleur’s home is filled with a colourful collection of flowers and plants, with Strelizia as a particular favourite, but she’s very keen to infect others with the ‘green’ bug too.”
Floris Wiebosch

Floris Wiebosch

senior shopper activation marketeer +31 (0)174 72 70 29 fwiebosch@bloemenbureauholland.nl
“Floris wants to nudge customers in the (online) shop to buy flowers and plants more often. Why? Because it feels great to work with such honest and beautiful products. He does not have a favourite flower plant (yet), but that may actually be an advantage in his line of work. While he is proud to be starting work as Senior Shopper Activation Marketeer, he’s even more proud of his father, with whom he cycled up Mont Ventoux. Because Floris feels that suffering pain whilst conquering high mountains on your bicycle is possibly the best feeling there is.”

Guy Sie

social media marketeer +31 (0)174 72 70 49 gsie@bloemenbureauholland.nl
“He wanted work as an engineer building the coolest computers - until he discovered marketing, and then preferably in the social sphere. It also no surprise he was the 27th Twitter user in The Netherlands. Following his social media roles with an advertising agency and technical start-ups, Guy now ensures that all the Flower Council of Holland’s social channels are running smoothly. Thus he inspires consumers to bring even more flowers and plants into their lives. He likes hyacinths - because they’re gorgeous.”

Ines ten Hake - van Dijk

Office manager +31 (0)174 72 70 20 ivandijk@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"Staking dahlias, peeling bulbs, trimming hyacinths: Ines did it all when she was young (as the daughter of a bulb grower). Now she makes sure that the entire office runs like clockwork with the same precision. Ines calls, arranges, books, orders and also scours all the trade press for interesting articles. Her support enables the team to devote themselves 100% to developing high profile campaigns. And it will probably come as no surprise that the tulip is her favourite flower."

Isabel Groot

campaign manager garden plants +31 (0)174 72 70 12 igroot@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"Get rid of those paved gardens! Isabel is a woman on a green mission. Following a career as a psychiatric nurse and marketing manager at a plant breeder, Isabel is now working to make the world a little greener as the campaign manager for garden plants. Preferably with potted alstroemeria and celosia. What she wants to make very clear is that enjoyable gardening is less about green fingers, and more about a love for plants."
Ivo van Orden

Ivo van Orden

Activation Team Manager +31 (0)174 72 70 15 ivanorden@bloemenbureauholland.nl
“You get further by linking the right parties to one another. Together with his activation team, he takes care of setting up shopper activations that tie in with our high profile campaigns and content. Ivo enjoys nothing more than working with others to promote products that really do make people happy. Although waking up in a Peruvian village beside a field full of Alstroemerias does come a very close second.”

Monique Kemperman

Campaign manager houseplants +31 (0)174 72 70 26 mkemperman@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"Making houseplants an essential part of every interior is what Monique focuses on every day. She works with PR and advertising agencies to ensure that houseplants get the attention they deserve in the Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Partly thanks to Monique, the term 'Houseplant of the Month' has become part of the culture within the sector and with consumers. If it were up to her she would put the spotlight on the fresh green African hemp every month, but a cheeky bunch of tulips also makes her happy."
Monique Tummers

Monique Tummers

Corporate Communications Specialist +31 (0)174 72 70 48 mtummers@bloemenbureauholland.nl
Years after Monique wrote her dissertation about the Flower Council, she has now joined the company as Corporate Communications Specialist who will handle all our international corporate communications. Monique previously worked as a media adviser promoting mayonnaise and cars. She also spent several years working in the floriculture sector, where she discovered her passion for flowers and plants - particularly big plants and colourful field bouquets. They’re vivid points of calm in a family with husband, three children, a cat, and a dog.
Sherelle Schmidt

Sherelle Schmidt

Shopper Activation Marketeer +31 (0)174 72 70 28 sschmidt@bloemenbureauholland.nl
“When you think of Sherelle, you think of infectious positivity, enthusiasm and firm control of big projects. At home that translates into an impressive urban jungle, where the ever-growing Monstera Monkey Mask is king. When Sherelle isn’t bustling around with a watering can, you will find her in the kitchen, celebrating her Javanese roots by cooking a lavish Indonesian feast.”

Simone Dussine

country manager Netherlands +31 (0)174 72 70 35 sdussine@bloemenbureauholland.nl
‘Simone is our country manager Netherlands. A member of a family that works in floriculture, she is now the point of contact for the Dutch market and an enthusiastic ambassador for our message. Because everyone should have flowers and plants in their home and garden! In her own home she enjoys the company of her teenage daughters and likes to mess around with plants. Or she goes out to get a big bunch of peonies. Sometimes she’ll also come back with a dress (or three).”

Tessa Triesscheijn

manager content marketing +31 (0)174 72 70 14 ttriesscheijn@bloemenbureauholland.nl
"Alongside her family, riding her motorcycle, dahlias and oysters with strawberry milk, there is one other thing that makes Tessa's pulse beat faster: telling stories. And that is precisely what she does all day. She develops the content strategy, writes and collects content, places it online and analyses its impact. She also manages the international editorial team, looks for content partners and remains in continuous dialogue with the target group. If it's your birthday, Tessa will send you flowers or a plant. With a story, naturally."


Ron Jeronimus

country manager France +33 (0)173 03 04 40 rjeronimus@officedesfleurs.fr
"In the dim and distant past Ron dreamt of a career as a flower arranger, but in the end he became our man in Paris. Which was lucky for us, because thanks to Ron we have a strong network in France and we know precisely what French consumers' attitudes and tastes are, what’s happening in the retail sector and what the trends are. He loves to travel and likes to discover, not only the local cuisine, but also the plants and flowers that grow in each place. Such as the bromeliads in the trees in Colombia."