Consumer brands

Captivating and blooming consumer brands
Tips, inspiration and information about flowers and plants

We communicate with consumers using our brands and We do this both online and offline.

Strong content

We have developed a strong online content programme around our consumer brands. This consists of two lively lifestyle websites together with inspirational images and text on various social media channels. Consumers, the press and the sector itself can access a wealth of information and inspiration relating to flowers and plants. enables consumers to discover that you feel better with plants around you. The online platform around the brand is packed with tips, promotions and inspirations on the subject of houseplants. 

Every month the spotlight is on a new Houseplant of the Month. It not only provides inspiration for consumers, but it is also something which retailers can pick up on effectively. enables the consumer to discover that flowers bring great joy. Not just with surprising campaigns, but also with an online platform that cannot help but make you happy. The website and social media platforms provide inspiration throughout the year with fresh images and an uplifting tone of voice.