Our campaigns

From Favourite Flowers to Christmas Tree Out, House Plant In
We develop high profile flower and plant campaigns

We work with various partners to develop effective marketing campaigns which enables consumers to experience the effect of flowers and plants. We thereby always strive for originality, quality and - of course - effectiveness.

Houseplant of the Month - part of the culture   

Some campaigns are so successful that they are transformed from a campaign into part of a culture. The Houseplant of the Month is a good example of this. Every month we put a spotlight on an attractive houseplant. This is something which is enthusiastically picked up by consumers and retailers. We also use it to inspire the press to write about plants every month. 

Prize-winning flower and plant campaigns

The Flower Council of Holland's campaigns are not just popular with consumers, but also with specialists in the marketing and advertising industry. For example, we are very proud of our Esprix Award, an advertising award for campaigns which excel in terms of strategy and creativity, and have demonstrably influenced the behaviour of the target group. This proves that what we do really works.