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Grow your business by partnering with our shopper activations  

We drive footfall to stores and traffic to your website tempting consumers to buy flowers and plants. With our shopper activations, which we create in collaboration with growers, wholesalers, retailers and other organisations inside, or even outside the floriculture sector. We do this by offering added value rather than by giving a discount on flowers or plants.  Shopper activations deliver exceptional sales results, and existing partners are increasingly asking us for follow-up promotions.  

All the partners, including the Flower Council of Holland, are to invest equally in a shopper activation. The outcome strives to increase sales, reduce waste and improved product displays on the shopfloor, whether it’s a promotion for flowers, houseplants or garden plants.
The shopper activations are also based around the theme of one of the consumer campaigns that we develop. We support these with a substantial media budget, so that consumers will be reached by the campaign messaging throughout all the buying process.  Growers, wholesalers and sales channels can all benefit from this. 

Urban Jungle Market - Jumbo

Successful partners​hips

  • During a Gift with Purchase shopper activation in 2020 at the German florist chain Blume2000, the sales of orchids rose by 40% during the promotion period. 
  • GroenRijk garden centres sold 41% more outdoor plants during the promotion period in autumn 2020 than a year before, the average spend rose by 7% and an increase in the promotion vouchers handed in was also noted, compared to previous promotions. The shopper activation aimed to extend the gardening period through outdoor plants, and the chance to win an outdoor heater with the spend of 20 Euros or more. 
  • A shopper activation, with the free watering system with the purchase of houseplants at Jumbo, was linked to the 'Thanks Plants' campaign this autumn, was given a rating of 7.6 by their customers in 2020. Sales were 20% higher than during the same period the previous year.  
  • Another shopper activation at Jumbo dubbed 'The Urban Jungle Garden Market' was linked with the 'From Grey to Green' campaign for outdoor plants.  Good results were also reported that highlighted a 2% better waste reduction than forecasted, which was a KPI set from the start. 

Coen Jeuken, Range Manager at Jumbo Supermarkets: ‘Customers were very enthusiastic about the ‘Urban Jungle Houseplants Market’ shopper activation with the free watering system that we developed with the Flower Council of Holland. We are still getting people asking whether the system is available to buy.’ 

More information
We can develop shopper activations for specific sales channels: florists, garden centres, workshops or supermarkets. They are almost always based on the grower-wholesaler-retailer chain. If you would like to explore which shopper activation opportunities could work for your business or to find out more about shopper activation, contact Ivo van Orden at

Blume2000 - Kokedama DIY Kit | Gift with Purchase
Blume2000 - Kokedama DIY Kit | Gift with Purchase