2018 Horticulture UK Style Trends Event

On 18 January 2018, the Flower Council of Holland hosted a Trends Event for UK lifestyle media, influencers, designers, stylists, and a select few industry guests, in support of our consumer brands Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk and Thejoyofplants.co.uk. The event took place in a warehouse-style event space in the trendy area of Shoreditch, East London.

Upon arrival, guests were welcomed to a white, blank reception room which was transformed into a cinematic zone when the room was suddenly darkened and guests were bombarded with a compilation film of scenes projected onto 3 surrounding large screens that summed up the past year. These mostly horrific visuals of the spirit of our times influences our behaviour, affects the style of our interiors, and as a result, has a direct impact on what we buy as consumers.

After watching this dramatic and thought-provoking film collage, emotional guests were invited to take a seat in our presentation area where trendwatcher Aafje Nijman presented the three key 2018 Horticulture Sector Trends (Re-assemble, Romance 3.0 and Punk-Rebooted).

Joan Stam, renowned Floral Designer and respected Bloomtube contributor also gave a floral demonstration for each trend to emphasise which plants, flowers, colours, shapes and materials are best to be used to complement each consumer trend best. This was very useful in terms of inspiring stylists to consider and use horticulture products as part of their designs and for photo shoots.

Blank Canvas Project  -  2018 Trends Event

Prior to the event we briefed The Flower Laboratory to bring each of our three key trends to life by creating a room set for each. These were hidden behind a white curtain which was unveiled after each trend was presented by Aafje. Guests seated in swivel chairs could easily pivot to be able to see each trend be revealed. After the presentation, guests were invited each room set for an up-close inspection whilst being served bespoke canapes created in each trend.

Blank Canvas Project  -  2018 Trends Event

The event concluded with enthusiastic guests participating in a flower arranging workshop under the expert guidance of Joan Stam. Our 40+ guests took home their creation in their chosen 2018 trend.

What our guests had to say
Rona Wheeldon, from Flowerona said: " Such an intriguing and inspiring event! Hearing how trends were identified was a real eye-opener. I'd never fully appreciated before how what happens in the world around us affects the flowers we're drawn to. It goes without saying that I was instantly smitten by the opulent and very decorative Romance 3.0 trend! I look forward to seeing further evidence of it over the coming year."

Influencer Sasha Wilkins, Liberty London Girl: "It's been such an inspiring event. My mum was a florist growing up so I was always around flowers but feel like I never have enough time to truly enjoy them now I’m older and rushing around so taking time out this morning has been a real treat. The trend sets have blown me away and I really liked the blank canvas event theme with the trends revealed live at the event one by one."

Rose Gore-Browne from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show: “It’s a totally different style event to one we’ve been to before – it’s so refreshing to see someone outlining trends specifically for flowers, there’s not really anyone doing that in the industry at the moment so it’s good to see the Flower Council putting on such an inspiring event.”

Jess Taverner from Good Homes: “I wasn’t expecting anything like this, when the room sets were revealed I was so impressed, they looked absolutely stunning. I loved the Romance 3.0 room – so luxurious!”

interior Designer Jordan Cluroe from 2 Lovely Gays: “I’m obsessed with Re-Assemble. It’s my absolute favourite trend that we’ve seen – it’s so different and innovative.”

London Painter and illustrator, Poppy Waddilove: "Such an inspiring trends presentation and fascinating to see how the trends all ladder back to world events and issues/aspects we're all facing every day. My favourite trend was Punk Rebooted - the stark contrast between the trends presented side by side was really impactful. I loved the workshop at the end too and the live constructive feedback from Joan."

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About Aafje Nijman
Aafje is an international trend watcher, who focuses on the ‘inside and out’. From interiors to flowers, plants and gardens, her advice is based on trend analyses that allows her to develop new concepts for the horticulture sector. She has collaborated with the Flower Council of Holland to develop the top interior trends set to dominate 2018, which included Re-Assemble, Romance 3.0 and Punk Rebooted, and how horticulture products can fit and be used within these trends.
Visit: Bureau Nijman + van Haaster

About Joan Stam
Joan is an internationally recognised floral designer. Originally from the Netherlands, Joan now operates as a freelance creative, demonstrating, teaching and working on projects, which include collaborations with the Flower Council of Holland. Joan Stam’s respected contributions to sector video channel, Bloomtube.com is free to register and access for the latest tips and styling ideas in floristry.
Visit: Bloomtube

The Flower Laboratory
A highly skilled team of Set Designers, Florists, Plant Specialists with a unique practice that combines a rare hybrid of skills that include botanical artistry, floral set dressing and construction. Headed up by Gillian O-Brien, The Flower Laboratory team translated our trends in three beautifully created and inspiring room sets.
Visit: The Flower Laboratory

Blank Canvas Project  -  2018 UK Trends Event
Entrance: Blank Canvas Project - 2018 UK Trends Event
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