Exposé #21: Cake Atelier Amsterdam

In the latest edition of Exposé we are putting someone from Holland in the spotlight for once. Floral patissier Natasja Sadi is better known to many as Cake Atelier Amsterdam. With her cakes, lifelike sugar flowers and traditional Dutch floral still-lives, she appeals to a very wide audience.

From fashion to sugar flowers
In the extensive interview we get to know Natasja as an all-round creative with a love of flowers. Whether she's working as a couturier or creating a still-life around a Delft blue vase, flowers are the big source of inspiration at the heart of everything she does. This versatility and love for the product is reflected in the process of making the sugar flowers that can easily be mistaken for real blooms. Some flowers can require up to a day’s work. 

Dive into the sweet world of Cake Atelier Amsterdam
The cakes from Cake Atelier Amsterdam are so photogenic and popular that they also played a starring role in the Vogue Royal Wedding photoshoot. Can you tell the difference between real and sweet? Watch the latest Exposé #21 video at Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk.