Fascinating and inspiring: 2019 trend lectures

“The time has come to abandon old habits and develop new plans”
The Flower Council of Holland organised a lecture about the trends for 2019 on 29 and 30 May at the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk. Trendwatcher Aafje Nijman presented her vision of the coming years, and the changing consumer needs. Some 100 people from the sector attended each day.

The Flower Council of Holland’s trend lectures have been a phenomenon for years. And every year they attract a wider audience of growers, traders, breeders, marketeers and stylists. For all of them it is useful to know which trends are expected for next year and why consumers’ needs are changing. This knowledge helps everyone to remain in touch with what their customers will want in 2019. 

Heads up for next year 
Trendwatcher Aafje Nijman from Bureau Nijman + Van Haaster provided professionals from the horticulture sector with a detailed explanation in the Rabotorium at the World Horti Center in preparation for a fresh high profile year for flowers and plants. The trend lecture explained that Western societies are in an era that can best be summed up with the term Cutting Strings, or the ‘ultimate stretch’: will the string snap of its own accord, or will you cut it?  

Horticulture sector style trends
The three value trends that are included in Cutting Strings have been translated for the horticulture sector into three style trends that will be essential in 2019: Soft Landing, New Frontiers and Harvesting Elements. The Flower Council of Holland will discuss these in more depth later. The trends will be translated into attractive images during the course of this year and presented to the trade and consumer press. The Flower Council of Holland has commissioned the formulation of the 2019 horticulture sector style trends in collaboration with IBulb and Tuinbranche Nederland.