Floral content and activities for now

Flowers create connections and provide inspiration for yourself and others, particularly in these uncertain times. We are therefore publishing items about flowers on Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk that are suitable for the circumstances in which we now find ourselves. We are focusing on activities at home where flowers can still play a leading role. This way, we continue to work on our goal of keeping flowers top-of-mind with the public.

Mini boeketjes met mini mensjesWe take the lock-down of different countries into account, but also the fact that flowers are now sometimes difficult to come by (some florists are closed). The content and tone of all our articles have been adjusted accordingly (see our guidelines) to be sensitive to the current situation.
No flowers? We suggest to consumers to use flowers and foliage from the garden, or even make their own out of paper to continue to share the digital message of flowers until restrictions are lifted.

Stay at home ideas
A DIY item about making a room spray with the scent of spring flowers, for example. Easy to do with surprising results. Or making child-sized bouquets with kids at home - a great activity for families that will also encourage a love of flowers amongst the little ones.

Flowers in unexpected places in the home - like a garland of flowers across the window or used as a bookmark - enhance the atmosphere and make people smile. We've got lots of tips.

The hay fever season has also started, so we will tell you which flowers won’t make you sneeze (very much).

These are all floral topics that we also post about regularly on our social media (Instagram and Facebook), for some extra cheer that we definitely need in these strange times.

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