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Hay fever busting Bouquets for Spring

12 June 2018

Spring is a highly-anticipated season full of beautiful blooms, but with the Met Office estimating one in five UK residents are hay fever sufferers, the season can signal three months of sneezing, and could even result in people avoiding flowers altogether!  

During the first week of June we launched the ultimate list of low-pollen flowers for a hay fever-proof bouquet, just in time for the highest pollen count recorded for the year so far. Our aim was simple: to let consumers know that they don't have to avoid buying flowers for themselves, or their hay fever-suffering friends as gifts and instead to head over to their local florist and ask for low-pollen blooms.

To showcase these blooms, we created beautiful photographs for the media to use as bouquet inspirations for their readers. 

You too can create your own low-pollen bouquets and promote it in your own shops, online, or social media channels. And with more high pollen forcasted by the Met Office this season, pollen-busting bouquets are a great way to buck the trend.

Hayfever-busting Bouquet


Thankfully, all shapes and sizes of these classic beauties only release small amounts of pollen into the air and so are a safe choice for hay fever-sufferers. To further minimise pollen exposure, opt for tight-budded varieties. These come in a variety of colours which can transform the look and feel of your bouquet – for example opt for a cheerful yellow rose for a pop of colour or opt for the classic white rose for simplicity and elegance. 

Named after the rainbow goddess, the iris is known for its stunning colour palette and delicate aesthetic. The flower has three petals which open completely so you can see deep into the heart of the flower. Contrast the sword-like leaves of the Iris with some delicate foliage for a charming and textured look to complete your bouquet. 

This charming bloom is perfect for adding a touch of colour and texture to a bouquet thanks to its pointed petals and pin-cushioned like centre. A low allergy flower that produces little pollen, the Astrantia will add a wildflower feel to your bouquet – and it’s also super on-trend, so a must-have for Spring bouquets this season.

Tall, slender and brightly coloured in appearance, the yarrow flower is an ideal bouquet addition as it possesses anti-allergenic qualities which prevent the release of histamine – the substance which cause allergic reactions. As well as being a popular flower to add volume and texture to a bouquet, Yarrow is also a regular in herbal remedies to combat allergies.

Snapdragon (Antirrhinum)
In ancient times, snapdragons (named after their beautiful bloom which resembles a dragon’s face) were thought to have supernatural powers and offer protection from witchcraft. Facing more modern-day problems, snapdragons are a safe choice for allergy sufferers thanks to their tightly closed buds which minimise the release of pollen. These are perfect within a mixed bouquet thanks to their multiple blossoms which coat the flower stem.

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