It's Autumn on the Flower Council consumer sites

Everything around the theme The Urban Chic French Apéro  
On 22 September we say goodbye to the Summer and welcome the Autumn in. This will not go unnoticed on the Flower Council of Holland consumer websites and Readers will be treated to flower and plant related content, under the guise of The Urban Chic French Apéro.

The Urban Chic French Apéro
Urban Chic French Apéro is a concept derived from the French apéritif. It's the time before dinner when you meet with friends and share a drink together. Think of it as pre-drinks, a Dutch borrel, or happy hour in the United States. Apéro is not just about the drink itself, it is also about relaxing at home, chatting with friends, sharing a bite to eat, set around a beautifully decorated table. We add plants and flowers to give it the perfect finishing touch.

New photography and text
In the autumn dossier, this concept is reflected by the photography and articles designed to appeal to our target audience in each core market.  There are recipes for flower flavoured drinks, DIY projects for botanical coasters and styling tips to transform your living room into a perfect floral and botanical setting for apéro.

Additional content
As much of the content relates to being together indoors, there will also be additional content about outdoor plants. For example, lovely autumnal treats for the terrace and winter-ready tips for the garden. And throughout the content, there will also be a focus on the Flower Agenda and the Houseplant/Garden plant of the Month. 

Social media and newsletters
The autumn dossier will go live on 22 September and will continue through to 21 December. During this period we will release phased articles and promote these via social media and in the newsletters. We also kindly invite florists and other sales outlets to join in this promotion by sharing content across their own digital channels, and please mention the and websites. 



Autumn on the Flower Council consumer sites
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