Special attention for vegetable plants

A recipe for success: from the garden straight to your plate 
Combining vegetable plants and a top chef produces a tasty result.

Vegetable plants often look very attractive, and fit perfectly with the growing popularity of a ‘pick your own’ garden. For that reason the Flower Council of Holland in collaboration with participating partners have declared them the Garden Plants of the Month back in  May, which was the perfect time to embrace outdoor living again.  

A special collaboration between Thejoyofplants.co.uk in the Netherlands and leading vegetable chef, Jonathan Karpathios, has been initiated around four easy-to-grow vegetable plants - cucumber, tomato, bell pepper and chilli pepper. He has used the produce from those four plants to create delicious, trendy recipes like gazpacho, spicy iced tea, pepper carpaccio and cucumber granita. 

Vegetables are hot 
The recipes have already been published on popular websites such as Wendy online, Freshhh and Fem-fem; ELLE Eten, and Libelle are also planning to use them. The combination of attractive images of tasty, healthy dishes with the trend towards more thoughtful living, and eating less meat has gone down well with influencers and foodies.

Widespread use 
The recipes and the images will also be shared on our own channels from July, when the vegetable plants should be  producing vigorous crops. They will be available in Dutch, German, French and English, credited to Thejoyofplants.co.uk x Jonathan Karpathios.