Summer patio hit in June: Apérofleurs

Trendy floral twist on the classic aperitif 
Less alcohol, more style. Apérofleurs fits perfectly with the zeitgeist for this summer. 

ApérofleursIn France, an evening meal is often accompanied by an ‘apéro’, an informal gathering with a drink. (the French version of has shaken up this tradition with ApéroFleurs. These are cheerful picked mini bouquets in a wine glass or tall glass that bring more atmosphere to the table.  

Mini bouquets 
ApéroFleurs is a quick and easy way to dress a table quickly and elegantly with flowers. It’s summery and less trouble for the hostess, yet elegant and trendy. Ninety percent of French people regularly enjoy an ‘apéro’, with forty percent even doing it more than once a week. This is an interesting target group for informal mini bouquets: something to drink, something to snack on and something beautiful to look at is typically something that appeals to millennials.

À votre santé! 
ApéroFleurs was launched in June by the Fédération Française de l’Apéritif (FFA), a trendy Apéro shop/restaurant in Paris. Here the apéro is being transformed into an ApéroFleurs throughout the month in collaboration with The mini bouquets are created by trendy florist Thierry Féret/Flowered by. 

ApéroFleurs images
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Apérofleurs "Red Wine" #AperoFleurs
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