Thanks Plants in the United Kingdom

With the Thanks Plants campaign we are thanking plants for everything they do for us. They make us more relaxed, they bring nature close to us and they turn our house into a home. 

Contrary to what was previously announced, this successful publicity campaign will not only be running on the’s own digital channels in the United Kingdom, but will now also take the form of an extensive multimedia campaign. Similar to last year, the Flower Council will be pushing out the eye-catching commercial to a wide audience. 


The multimedia mix for ‘Thanks Plants’ consists of cinema advertising, digital outdoor advertising in London, Manchester and Birmingham, and the online YouTube video commercial will also feature on various channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, a PR event, and coverage on the Flower Council’s own channels.The campaign will run for four weeks from 14 October.

Want to find out more?
For more information about Thanks Plants please contact Monique Kemperman, campaign manager houseplants, on +31 (0)174 72 70 26 or