The spring issue of The Green Gallery is live

Since The Green Gallery started in 2015, there has been no floral movement as extravagant and influential as this. Flowers bloom lavishly, and the bouquets this spring are more grandiose, airy and colourful than ever before. Voluminous shapes, enrapturing colour combinations, delicate foliage, long waving stems, colourful accents. The bouquet’s appearance can be different, more distinctive and more dramatic than we’re accustomed to; like a bird of paradise in a vase. All that and more in issue #14 of The Green Gallery.

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Online magazine The Green Gallery offers consumers exciting and artistic inspiration. The magazine - which has the strapline ‘Celebrating the beauty of nature’ - presents flowers and plants as a source of inspiration for lovers of art, food, fashion, design, interiors and trends. The magazine offers high quality content and is produced in collaboration with leading and up-and-coming artists. The magazine can be read for free in Dutch, English, French and German at Alongside the magazine, which is published four times a year, The Green Gallery also provides inspiration on Instagram