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Experience the ‘Flower Effect’: give yourself the gift of flowers

28 May 2024

International flower campaign launched

Flower Effect

Flowers have an effect! Whether you buy them for yourself or as a gift for someone else, flowers boost our physical and mental well-being. To make consumers aware of all the positive effects of flowers, the international flower campaign is being launched at the end of May. Here you can read about how we will be spreading this message in the United Kingdom.

National self-care survey
We will start with a national survey into the self-care rituals of different generations of British consumers. This will involve working with a psychologist, who will use personal expertise to explain the importance of self-care for our well-being and how flowers can play a role in this. Both the physical and mental effects of buying, giving and arranging flowers will be examined and discussed. The results of the survey will then be published in national media.

Collaboration with florists
We will also be sharing personal stories from people who have switched careers to become a florist. This will be done using content that is spread via various media and our own channels. The florists explain how they ended up on their path to well-being thanks to flowers. They also provide tips and tricks when it comes to arranging bouquets.

Content created by influencers
We have a social media presence thanks to content created by influencers. They are sharing photos and videos that show their self-care routine and how flowers are a part of it. The influencers also talk about the positive effects of flowers and support this with the results of the survey.

National Florist Day
The campaign will also support National Florist Day on 8 June. As a partner of this initiative, we are helping to draw attention to the flower sector and celebrate its creativity. The ‘Flower Effect’ message that we are spreading with our flower campaign offers the perfect support to florists and their profession.