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The first results of our new approach

29 April 2024

To reach a wider group of consumers with our positive message about flowers, we’re always on the lookout for new opportunities. Together with our creative agencies, we gain experience in different countries with new PR events and content activities. In March, for example, we tested a new approach for two special occasions, introduced Budget Blooms at the same time and once again inspired an audience of millions with the Floral Signatures video format. 

la fete de grands mères

La Fête des Grands-Mères (3 March) and Mother’s Day (10 March) are two traditional holidays in France and the United Kingdom, respectively. To capture the attention of the media and consumers, we opted for a different approach; one that was well thought-out and effective. 

In the lead-up to these holidays, we asked consumers in both countries about the role and value of a floral gift for the giver and receiver. The results, facts & figures and insights gained turned out to be more than sufficient to draw media attention. The impression that lingered in the mind of consumers was clear: flowers are still the most personal and appreciated gift for grandmas and mums.  

Survey as stepping stone
As far as the French are concerned, it is clear that today’s grands-mères are living life to the fullest and still enjoy receiving flowers from their beloved grandchildren. 87% of recipients believe that flowers are still the best gift for grandma. After all, flowers connect, bring happiness and are the gift of love. This image was emphasised by influencers on their social media channels when they presented a special bouquet to their grandma and showed her happy response. The results of the survey, the images and the posts triggered a campaign offensive that was picked up by dozens of newspapers, magazines and popular morning programmes. The messages on Facebook and Instagram were seen over half a million times, primarily by young people. The message in every instance was that flowers are the absolute favourite of grandmas and grandchildren. 

In the run-up to Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom, a survey gauged what was most appreciated by mums. It turned out to be the small yet oh so appreciated gestures: drinking tea together and receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The results of the survey and the appreciation of flowers as a gift were discussed in at least 22 publications, translating into a reach of millions in print and online. 

Budget Blooms

Consumers who like to compile their own bouquets and are looking for the perfect, affordable flowers can find just what they need at their local florist in the United Kingdom. That was the message behind the concept of Budget Blooms. Six journalists and 11 influencers took part in an inspiring workshop under the direction of florist and influencer Alexander Campbell. They created their own affordable bouquets and shared the results and stories in pictures and videos on the own social media, together accounting for 1.4 million potential followers. And, of course, the videos were also shared among the followers of our Funny How Flowers Do That. All in all, a successful ‘experiment’ that promoted the message, consumer reach and our relationship with journalists and influencers. 

The online platforms Ideal Home and Yahoo Life presented Budget Blooms in their unique manner.   

Floral Signatures
There are lots of ways to inspire consumers. The idea behind the Floral Signatures videos is to once again give a glimpse of the masterpiece creations of top floral designers, with a focus on showing how to make your own. And with success. Three videos were shared in February and March via our consumer websites and our Facebook and Instagram channels in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The videos were viewed by over a million consumers, with an impressive record in France, where the posts were shared more than 3,000 times. Watch and share the videos here