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Flower Council of Holland wants to reach consumers with sustainability-related communication

17 July 2023

The Dutch horticultural sector is undergoing a dynamic transition. Sustainability is a theme that impacts everyone in the sector and compels action. Legislation and regulations, Green Deals and agreements are defining the route, while sector goals – such as energy neutrality by 2040 – are determining the pace. Now is the time to share this inspiring story with consumers; and the Flower Council of Holland can play an important role in this.

Flowers duurzaamheid

From plant breeding to commercial transactions; examples of sustainability can be found everywhere. These are not necessarily success stories in their own right, but part of the overall philosophy of the horticultural sector. The sector is largely aware of the need to become even more sustainable, and is working hard to achieve this. This is also being demanded by the government, society, citizens and consumers. That is why the sector is determined to continue working towards future-proof horticulture.

Growers, traders, auctions and sector organisations can all play a role in this. Communicating a clear message is essential to these efforts. This will help to strengthen this message and make sure it gets through, while also stimulating action. After all, words alone are not enough. We need to practice what we preach. 

Bloemenbureau Holland duurzaamheid

The Flower Council of Holland has always been an expert in consumer communication, and we still continue to fulfil this role. We listen to consumers and consider sentiments in society when it comes to the sustainability of flowers and plants. We then share this knowledge with the sector, and help it to interpret the most recent consumer insights. At the same time, we inform consumers about all the sustainability efforts of the horticulture sector, by sharing interesting stories about growers and traders. We do this by offering a peek behind the scenes of our social media channels and our consumer platforms (Funnyhowflowersdothat.uk and Thejoyofplants.uk). That is why we recently launched this sector communication, and have thus far received positive feedback about it from both the sector and consumers. 

In the months ahead, we will further clarify how the Flower Council of Holland will be supporting the sector in its sustainability-related initiatives. To stay up to date with sustainability in the sector, you can read about the latest developments on our website.