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Flowers: Valentine’s Day gift with meaning

08 February 2024

Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity for couples to surprise each other with a personal gesture or special gift. The Flower Council of Holland is helping consumers this Valentine’s Day to put together a very personal bouquet. The “AI Bloemist” (AI Florist) is being introduced in the Netherlands, while in Paris, flowers play the leading role during the Flower Crush Party, and in Germany and the United Kingdom, ‘love language content’ is being shared through social media. After all, flowers guarantee a personal connection and joy. 

In the Netherlands, the Flower Council of Holland is introducing the “AI Bloemist”. This online tool provides help – especially to young and often inexperienced flower purchasers – with putting together a unique, personal and meaningful bouquet. The Valentine’s Day campaign fits in with the new direction being taken in Flower Council of Holland consumer communications, aimed at inspiring and activating consumers via PR events and online content. 

Valentijnsdag 2024 - Maak je boeket nog mooier met de AI Bloemist
In the Netherlands, the Flower Council of Holland is introducing the “AI Bloemist”

The perfect match
The “AI Bloemist” is fully versed in the language of flowers and knows exactly which flowers are needed for each bouquet. After entering a few unique characteristics of the Valentine in question, Artificial Intelligence (AI) selects the most suitable flowers. Is the Valentine tough, elegant or perhaps playful? The “AI Bloemist” finds the perfect match for each personality. The result is a colourful bouquet generated by AI, professionally made by the local florist and provided with a card with a few words of affection in the style of choice. A bouquet does not get more personal than this!

Bouquet with a message
Once the custom bouquet is put together online, the giver receives a list with the specific flowers used in the unique bouquet. The giver then takes this list to a florist, who brings the personal bouquet to life. Those who prefer to order online can do so via the tool and order the bouquet from a Fleurop florist of their choice. The bouquet will then be delivered to the recipient within one day. 
Naturally, an appropriate card is included. Apart from the list of flowers, the “AI Bloemist” also generates a personal message to enclose with the bouquet. The tool offers a choice of various writing styles for a surprising personal text. 
The AI Florist has its own online address - AIBloemist.Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl - and a QR code that is communicated via influencers and other channels. 

Saint-Valentin 2024 La Flower Crush Party: credits istock

Flower Crush Party
Valentine’s Day is also being approached in a whole new way in Paris. Developed in collaboration with the Crush Party organisation – which organises popular dating nights for singles every month – the Flower Crush Party is now also on the event calendar. Participating men and women can choose their favourite flowers and flowers that complement their personality beforehand and then search for the right match. This PR event should attract plenty of media attention. Influencers who also happen to be single are invited to share their experiences during the event and emphasise the symbolic value of flowers. 

Valentijnsdag 2024 - gedicht

Love language
In the run-up to Valentine’s Day in Germany and the United Kingdom, couples are being inspired via social media with ideas for Valentine’s gifts with flowers. These gifts reflect one of the five ‘love languages’, ways to receive and express love in a relationship, such as a bouquet with a poem, a flower breakfast or a flower bath. 

On Thejoyofplants.co.uk and Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk, consumers can find lots of inspiring ideas and tips for Valentine’s Day.