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Successful PR events in four European cities

19 December 2023

Paris - Hamburg - Amsterdam - London: Consumers experience the positive power of flowers and plants

Life is a whole lot more enjoyable when you are surrounded by green plants and colourful flowers. More green spaces in cities also improve air quality for those who live there. Whether at home or at work, flowers and plants provide healthy energy and a positive vibe. This is a message that is gaining increasing recognition and cannot be expressed often enough.  

How can you give consumers the opportunity to experience this for themselves? Local PR agencies in four countries were tasked with developing concepts that were appropriate for each country, culture and people. Challenge: organise an event where visitors immediately experience the positive message, and make sure that it is picked up by as many people as possible via online and other media before, during and after the event. 

High-profile events were successively organised at iconic locations in four cities – Green Boat House in Paris, Botanical Gallery in Hamburg, Mood Garden in Amsterdam and Serene House in London. In a setting overflowing with plants and flowers, visitors could take part in workshops, tastings, yoga sessions and much more. Journalists and dozens of influencers were invited to all locations beforehand, and drew plenty of extra attention to the events.  

View a video impression of the Mood Garden Amsterdam and other PR events here.

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Viral with AI 
To give the events a parallel online boost, various AI-generated films were created, which included transforming the Eiffel Tower into a fountain of colourful flowers or growing green plants on the Tower Bridge. These wild ideas suddenly became reality thanks to AI. And the films went viral. Using influencers was an effective strategy, because they helped to take the positive message of flowers and plants up a notch. 

Resounding results 
Thousands of visitors attended the one and two-day events and there were over 200 publications in offline and online media. In Germany, for instance, 185 online messages were posted, and reached close to a million people thanks to the faithful followers of the influencers.  

A different strategy was adopted in the United Kingdom. Prior to the event, a survey was held among consumers to learn how they experienced the ‘lack of nature’ during the dark months of winter. The results were very newsworthy and resulted in dozens of reports in newspapers and online media. A total of 1.3 million people were reached via social media alone, with news that was directly linked to the message of the PR event.  

And in the Netherlands, the Mood Garden generated lots of free publicity, with a value equivalent to over 700,000 euros if the media attention were to have been purchased.  

All in all, it was a successful international PR campaign that clearly reflected the positive power of flowers and plants. 

Missed the flowering Eiffel Tower? Watch the film here.

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