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Communication Calendars for 2022-2025

14 November 2022

These are the Flower Council of Holland’s plans for the years ahead

In the coming years we will again be enthusiastically inspiring consumers to buy more flowers and plants. With daily inspirational content, trendsetting campaigns, and results-oriented sales promotions. Take a look at our 2022-2025 Communication Calendars. 

Onze communicatiekalenders 2022-2025

Overview of the calendar 
The communication calendar shows that we will inspire consumers throughout the year, with a peak in the Spring and Autumn. Throughout the remainder of the year there will be consistent output of basic marketing based on relevance and budget. Through content on our own channels, social media, external platforms and influencers, we will tap into the target group’s interests. We will thereby also establish a link with campaigns and Shopper Activations (sales promotions). With these activations we will tempt consumers to the point of sale to buy flowers and plants.

Expected in 2023-2025 
As well as re-running several the successful tried and tested campaigns, we expect to launch new campaigns for cut flowers and houseplants in 2023:

  • The Plant Design campaign is not visibly planned in the calendar for 2032-2025. We incorporate this theme into our daily inspiration at different times of the year.
  • The Thanks Plant campaign will also no longer be visible from 2023. We are currently developing a new multi-year campaign to follow up on this successful campaign. This is visible through the peak 'Plant campaign' at the beginning of the year. Also in the autumn there will be attention for houseplants.
  • For outdoor plants, the From Grey to Green campaign will return in the coming years.
  • For cut flowers, as of 2023, the schedule will be largely identical to 2022. We are also working on a new campaign as a successor for the award-winning campaign We Need More Flowers. This is now registered as 'Flower campaign'.
  • With the Seasonal campaigns and The Trend Collection we will be tempting consumers with appealing floral content. 

Download the Communication Calendars 
You can find the various elements of the 2022 to 2025 Communication Calendars below, or you can download the complete communication calendars as a PDF file using the below links.

July 2022