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Easter is increasingly being celebrated with flowers

24 February 2024

Easter may not be the biggest flower moment on the consumer calendar, but it is definitely climbing that list. And that makes sense because what originally started as a religious Easter holiday has now become an occasion for people to get together, be it to enjoy breakfast together or have dinner with family or friends. Reason enough to make our homes more festive.

At Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk and Thejoyofplants.co.uk – also in the Netherlands, Germany, and France – consumers are given inspirational examples and practical tips for making their own bouquets and Easter decorations.

Pasen 2024

Short videos  
In the run-up to Easter, a content campaign will be launched in all four countries. The existing visual materials will be supplemented with new, short inspirational videos about styling and practical tips. The content is primarily intended to inspire new and young buyers.

Consumer magazine
In Germany, the campaign is being supported by the consumer magazine Couch. From 5 March, the over 200,000 readers of the magazine will learn all there is to know about the combination of Easter and flowers. In no fewer than 20 pages, flowers will be featured in several inspiring articles, about their symbolism as well as their splendour on the Easter table.