Floral gifts for Mother’s Day

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On Sunday 8 May, the Netherlands and Germany celebrate Mother’s Day. The French celebrate it on Sunday 29 May. A beautiful day for flowers in all shapes and sizes. On Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl, Tollwasblumenmachen.de and Lajoiedesfleurs.fr we’ll offer inspiration and advice to make it a special day. In the United Kingdom, Mother’s Day was already celebrated in March.

Packed with loveBloemige cadeaus voor moederdag
To inspire the crafty consumers, we’ll offer multiple DIY tutorials. In these DIYs, we explain how to create a special DIY Mother’s Day monogram and child-sized bouquets with kids. Both are aimed at helping to show affection through personal(ised) flower arrangements.

Flowers as a symbol
On a day like Mother’s Day, flower-related symbolism gets an even deeper meaning. We’ll explain to consumers which heart-shaped blooms are particularly suited for the special day. To those who celebrate a mother who is missed but certainly not forgotten, we give tips about how flowers can help commemorate them. Lastly, we highlight the flowers that are symbols of strength. These flowers are a beautiful means of celebrating the inspirational power of everyone’s personal superhero.

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April 2022

DIY: moederdag bloemenletter
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