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Flowers in the 2022 Autumn/Winter Trend Collection

09 August 2022

Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk and Thejoyofplants.co.uk will be launching the new 2022 Autumn/Winter Trend Collection on 1 September, featuring 16 flowers, houseplants and garden plants corresponding to the Traditional Sentiment trend. The result is an appealing and perfectly calibrated collection of both familiar and less familiar products. 

A trend bursting with vintage flowers
Traditional Sentiment reflects the trusted and familiar in an ever-changing world. After all, not everyone is desperate for change. Flowers with a vintage look offer familiarity. Something new is created by combining vintage and old, so that this trend feels anything but old-fashioned. Combine the fresh flowers below with dried flowers to create the quintessential Traditional Sentiment bouquet.

Six flowers 
It goes without saying that the flowers in the 2022 Autumn/Winter collection have excellent availability during the colder seasons.

Anemone - De Trend Collectie herfst/winter 2022
In this Trend Collection, the anemone brings an eye-catching splash of colour to warm autumn/winter bouquets with its pink, violet and blue flowers. And speaking of warmth, this flower symbolises ‘I want to be with you’. Anemones prefer a shallow layer of water in a clean vase.

Chrysant - De Trend Collectie herfst/winter 2022
Although there are innumerable varieties of this flower, this collection focuses on the spider chrysanthemum. The orange/pink and bright pink tones of these spiky globes echo the splendour of this season. To enjoy the flowers even longer, remove the leaves and replenish the water every five days. 

Roos - De Trend Collectie herfst/winter 2022
The classic that never gets dull. So, there is a good reason that the rose is included in this collection. Dark red, pink and near-nude roses add a vintage touch to mixed bouquets. And did you know that they represent gratitude? Trimming a few centimetres off the stem and adding cut flower food to clean water will keep the flowers in perfect condition. 

Bouvardia - De Trend Collectie herfst/winter 2022
A retro flower, the Bouvardia adds a cheerful note to the Traditional Sentiment bouquet –and also looks gorgeous on its own. This collection features the pink variety. The star-shaped flowers are fairly small, creating a playful and spatial effect. It's also a thirsty flower, so top up the vase regularly. And make sure there’s no foliage in the water.

Dianthus - De Trend Collectie herfst/winter 2022
Fortunately, the days when Dianthus was considered old-fashioned are long gone. And rightly so. The rounded or jagged petals, often with a coloured edge, immediately draw the eye. This flower symbolises romance, passion and longing. Pale and salmon pink are the Dianthus colours reflected in this autumn/winter collection.

Cymbidium - De Trend Collectie herfst/winter 2022
Cymbidium is anything but a modest flower. And why should it be? The long stems with opulent flowers catch the eye immediately. Although Cymbidium comes in a wide range of colours, this Trend Collection features yellow and dark pink. Use the orchid as the starting point for a mixed bouquet or let it shine all on its own. Place the flower in 10 cm of tepid water, trim a centimetre off the stem every five days and replace the water at the same time.

How we’re promoting the campaign
We’re rolling out the Trend Collection in our four core countries. In doing so, we’re using an online Lookbook for extra visual inspiration for the collection, but also media, PR, shop activations and point-of-sale material for retailers. Additional inspirational and informative content and images can be found at Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk, Thejoyofplants.co.uk and in associated social media channels. This is the fifth Trend Collection since the initial launch in 2020. The next Trend Collection will be launched in March 2023.

Flower display tips
You can draw even more attention to the flowers from the collection in the shop by displaying them in a unique way. For example, place the flowers in vases that are a perfect match for Traditional Sentiment styling. Combine vintage ceramic vases with vases made of coloured glass or stone. Faded pastels and dark tones combine beautifully.

Download the images
You can download the images, posters and banners for the 2022 Autumn/Winter Trend Collection shown below free of charge and use them for your own promotions of the collection. If you use the images in your social media posts, please include the credits #thetrendcollection, #funnyhowflowsersdothat, #thejoyofplants. 

Higher resolution images can be downloaded from our image bank.

Materials in ten languages in the Marketing Portal
If you have a Marketing Portal account, you can download the posters and banners for the Trend Collection in ten different languages. The Marketing Portal can be accessed by our stakeholders on request. You can register for the portal via the login page.

Want to learn more?
For more information on the Trend Collection, please contact Campaign Manager Isabel Groot at igroot@bloemenholland.nl

August 2022