Garden Plant of the Month August: Hebe

Fancy giving your summer garden or terrace a boost? The Hebe, also known as the veronica bush, is definitely the plant for you as it will introduce some sensational colour back into your garden. The Hebe, named after the Greek Goddess of Youth who served nectar and ambrosia to the gods, is deliciously versatile and is also incredibly popular, with gardeners and butterflies alike!  

For this reason, the 's Garden Plant for the Month of August is the Hebe.

Cheerful butterflies
The Hebe is the ideal candidate to cover any dull spots in your summer garden and it will replace them with some much needed colour and vitality. The Hebe’s heavenly blooms will also keep your garden looking richer all the way through the summer months and well into October, enticing butterflies from far and wide to sample their stunning array of nectar filled flowers. 

Plant with effect
The evergreen Hebe has numerous different species and their wide range of colourful flowers and decorative leaves will all add a great atmosphere and vivacity to your garden. You can create all kinds of interesting looks with Hebes - Why don’t you combine some white-flowered, shiny leaved Hebes with some paniculata hydrangeas in metallic containers to give that expensive, luxurious feel to your garden, or, if you would prefer to go for the untamed, wild effect, try planting a mixture of blue, violet and deep green Hebes into a variety of wooden pots and weathered containers.

Stay Green
Hebes are wonderfully easy to grow and maintain and they will thrive in most soil types.  Their supreme versatility means that they can be planted almost anywhere, in containers, borders, and rockeries, and they will also grow in both sunny and shady areas.  But most importantly of all, the enchanting evergreen Hebe will create interest and colour in your garden all year round.

Garden Plant of the Month August: Hebe
Garden Plant of the Month August: Hebe
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