Garden Plants of the Month for 2019 announced

The Flower Council of Holland will again inspire and inform both consumers and the sector with a new and exciting Garden plant of the month list for next year.

With appealing images and exciting content, the Flower Council of Holland will be placing a plant or group in the limelight every month in 2019. The selection has been made in collaboration with the product specialists at Royal FloraHolland and within the Flower Council of Holland. The product specialists at Royal FloraHolland examine whether it is commercially interesting for the entire chain and assess the availability. The Flower Council of Holland checks whether the selection matches consumers’ needs, the PR opportunities and forthcoming trends.


The green stars for 2019:  

January  Sleeping Beauties (Dogwood, Viburnum, Enkianthus)                                                         
February Spring Surprises (Hazel, Rock Cress, Arabis)
March Blossom Trees (Apple, Peach and Plum tree)
April Colour Festival (Begonia, Verbena, African Daisy, Bougainvillea)
May Fragrant Showstoppers (Lilac Palibin, Broom, Lantana, Garden Rose, Photinia) 
June Honeysuckle   (Honeysuckle)
July Bee friends (Yarrow, Anise Hyssop, Hollyhock, Astrantia, Anemone)
August Carefree Summer (Agave, Eucalyptus, Aeonium, Jade Plant)
September Indian Summer Plants (Trumpet Vine, Spindle Tree, Japanese Andromeda, Beautyberry, Smoke Tree)
October Green covering (Rockfoil, Sempervivum, Stonecrop)
November Red garden plants (Holly, Skimmia, Leucothoe) 
December Festive pines (Spruce, Fir Tree)

Good to know 
The aim of the Garden Plant of the Month is to tempt consumers to buy garden plants. The selection also offers the media a hook for incorporating garden plants into their own content at the right time. And for growers, nurseries and sales outlets the list offers a year-round guide that they can link up with. The Garden Plant of the Month is communicated through press releases and the national websites of, with extra emphasis on the Netherlands and Germany.  

What are we going to do?
The Flower Council of Holland ensures wide promotion of the Garden Plant of the Month with attractive images and strong content for both consumers and the trade press.  To be able generate as much publicity as possible, the promotion will no longer always be linked to one month; instead multiple products clustered over a longer period. This means that the dossiers will be more seasonal, so that we can also add aspects such as trends. A good example of this is July, when the Bee friends group coincides with the Dutch promotion of the Bee Campaign, and in the UK, this is also a key topic in the media. 

Promotional material 
You can download free photographic material, press releases, posters and banners from our website This will enable you to draw extra attention to the Garden Plant of the Month on the shop floor. You can also use the images for your own promotional material, such as on your social media, website and newsletters. The first materials will be available from the website in September.   

Garden Plants of the Month 2019
Garden Plants of the Month for 2019 announced
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