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Inspiring videos on Instagram and Facebook

16 October 2022

Floral Signatures: tips and tricks from professional flower stylists

Last August, we ran a pilot using Instagram and Facebook Reels: Floral Signatures. A series of short videos were posted showing famous flower stylists – including Yoko Negi and A.P. Bloem – creating floral signature pieces and giving tips on how to create these at home. 

The videos provided both inspiration and all the requisite information. Viewers can return to the website to read through everything step by step again. The Reels videos are available in German, French, English and Dutch.

Reels advertising
Advertising on Instagram and Facebook Reels is not yet common practice among advertisers, but shows much promise. Our pilot in August was a success, which is why we will now be rolling (a fine-tuned version of) the campaign out further.

Keen to find out more?
For further information on Floral Signatures, please feel free to get in touch with Tessa Triesscheijn, Manager Content Marketing, by sending an e-mail to ttriesscheijn@bloemenbureauholland.nl.

October 2022