Limited edition bouquet for men

UK PR-activity to remove the taboos around  gifting men flowers teamed up with British rapper and songwriter Professor Green and independent London florist Matthew Richardson of Urban Flower Co. to create ‘blooms for bros’. This limited edition bouquet was launched from 6 July to challenge the stereotypes around men gifting blooms to mates, with all proceeds going to the charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).

Limited edition floral bouquets for menThe You B’OKquet Mate? campaign aimed to dismantle outdated stereotypes around gender and flowers and encourage men to open up and explore different ways to support each other, sparking conversation about their mental health and strengthening social connections through flowers. 

New research from revealed that three in 10 adults would like to see flowers for men promoted for special occasions and ‘just because’ - despite more than half admitting they have never considered buying a bunch for a male friend, family member or partner. A third of respondents agree with the notion that flowers being ‘feminine’ is an outdated stereotype whilst 44% feel a bunch of blooms is a powerful way to reconnect and communicate with loved ones without using words.
As we emerge out of lockdown and are looking for ways to reconnect, opening up communication has become ever more important, especially for men - with a third revealing they feel their relationships with friends and colleagues have weakened since the start of the pandemic.

Limited edition floral bouquets for menYou B’OKquet Mate?
Symbolising mental health and wellbeing, the peonies of the ‘You B’OKquet Mate?’ bouquet radiate the message of good fortune and compassion. The Delphinium represent protection – a reminder to look after those around us during these tough times whilst the bouquet’s striking palette is there to engage the senses and instantly lift moods and brighten the gloomiest of days. At a time when supporting one another is crucial, the soft and delicate lunaria included signify honesty, symbolic here in being able to open up to each other and talk, and the dahlia stand for inner strength, both adding a delightful touch of tenderness.

The results
We had media in national newspapers and interviews covered in lifestyle publication talked about this topic.The campaign managed a total reach of 277 million in total. Media coverage reached 273 million, and a total social reach 4.5 million. The bouquets were available for 2 weeks exclusively from with all proceeds donated to CALM, who leads the movement against suicide and to support the mental health of others.

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August 2021