Plant Design amplified with Plant Design Hacks

Clever tips to make your home greener

Plants are often used as decoration to provide the finishing touch in interiors, but what if you started the design of your home with the plants first, and then added home furnishings? This idea - focussing on plants first - is what we refer to as Plant Design.  

New: explainer videos
We launched the Plant Design campaign in 2020, and the topic is still incredibly relevant. Alongside the existing masterclasses in which seasoned experts in the field of Plant Design share their tips, we have also recently introduced seven explainer videos entitled ‘Plant Hacks’. These animated videos provide consumers with quick and handy tips for getting to work with Plant Design. Easily accessible, short, and perfect  in terms of content and visuals for the target group.

Watch all the explainer videos on

How do we share this with consumers? 
The existing Plant Design masterclasses still provide a firm basis for this campaign. There will shortly be additions to this from Germany and France to provide pan-European coverage. And in all the countries we are also introducing the video new series of Plant Hacks.

Because of the pandemic, we had to make the decision at the start of 2021 to amend our planned approach: the campaign has been converted from a short multimedia campaign in Germany and the Netherlands to ongoing exposure on our consumer website and its sister sites in Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Online support
We are promoting Plant Design and the new Plant Hacks online in the four core countries throughout the 4th quarter until mid-December. The video format is extremely suitable for sharing via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.  The videos can also be seen on and its sister sites. 

More about the campaign
If you would like to find out more about Plant Design, please e-mail Monique Kemperman, Houseplants Campaign Manager, at

November 2021