Selection for The Trend Collections 2022 announced

These flowers and plants will be at the heart of the two collections for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter 2022. 

From freesia to salvia, and from anemone to kalanchoe: the flowers and plants from the two Trend Collections 2022 have been announced. As usual, the collections are each based on a Horticulture Sector Trend. An appropriate selection of flowers, houseplants and garden plants has been compiled for the chosen trends in consultation with relevant parties in the sector. This has been done on the basis of the trends, availability, and the PR value of the flowers and plants.

Spring/Summer 2022 trend and selection
The Trend Collection Spring/Summer 2022 is based on the Horticulture Sector Trend Bright & Breezy. This trend is all about carefree enjoyment, where green joy is the icing on the cake. In other words: flowers and flowering plants give the interior and the outdoor space an extra boost of positive energy. That calls for a cheerful selection:

Flowers Houseplants Outdoor plants
Milkweed Brooms Sage
Ox-eye daisy  Caladium Garden Fern
Alstroemeria Campanula Cosmos
Allium Bougainvillea Hosta
Freesia Scindapsus Columbine
Yarrow Oxalis  

Autumn/Winter 2022 trend and selection
For Autumn/Winter The Trend Collection is inspired by Traditional Sentiment, another Horticulture Sector Trend for 2022. This trend is all about the familiar, local and trusted in a changing world. Traditional flowers and plants are th giveusn a modern twist. These are the chosen products: 

Flowers Houseplants Outdoor plants
Anemone False African Violet Camellia
Chrysanthemum Kalanchoë Pine
Rose Begonia Helleborus
Bouvardia Aralia Leucothoe
Carnation Ekhorn fern  
Cymbidium Marantha (Prayer plant)  

Background to The Trend Collection
The Flower Council of Holland develops two Trend Collections every year to fit with current trends: one collection for Spring/Summer, and one for Autumn/Winter. The Trend Collection will be celebrating its third year in 2022. Through this we are meeting the needs of consumers, which constantly changes. This ensures that flowers and plants will remain top of mind with both consumers and the press all year round. Alongside a selection from the top 20 products, we also focus on smaller niche products. Those are often particularly interesting for the press, which increases the chance of exposure.