Thanks Plant shopper activation for

Working from home and plants: a healthy combination. Online plant shop is a plant specialist, operating in seven countries, and will be running a shopper activation throughout October. This promotion will take place in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Customers will receive a free Elho pot when they buy an Anthurium or Bromeliad. The promotion is a collaboration between, Elho, the promotional collectives Anthurium Info and Bromelia, and Flower Council of Holland.

Start of promotion and message
Thanks Plant shopper activation for Bakker.comThis promotion is based on the autumn 2021 Thanks Plant campaign with the message: 'Thanks plants, for putting the home in home office!’. The promotion starts two weeks after the start of the campaign: from 4 October in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom, and France will follow two weeks later. The offer of the promotion is the same in all four countries.

Draw consumers' attention
Customers will be made aware of the promotion through a newsletter, the website of, and the social media channels of and its sister sites in the three other countries. This promotion will be driven even further by a boosted social media campaign to increase reach.

Would you like to find out more?
For more information about this shopper activation, please contact Country Manager Chanel de Kock at or Fleur Fiers, Shopper Activation Marketer, via

October 2021