Thanks Plants campaign is ready to go

The long-running ‘Thanks Plants’ consumer campaign will be returning this autumn, 2020. This successful campaign is an eye-catching celebration of plants. Plants make us more energetic, more relaxed, happier and healthier. There are so many reasons to thank plants for what they do for us, in exchange for just a little water and care.

Campaign in multiple countries​
The Thanks Plants Campaign will have a lavish launch with a focus on online media. The messages will be visible on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest in the Netherlands, Germany and France over the coming period. 

The kick-off for the online campaign in Germany will take place on 31 August, supplemented with messages on digital out of home advertising displays in shopping districts and at stations in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf. 

Thanks Plants will be running in the Netherlands from 21 September in the aforementioned online media, and the campaign messages will appear on digital out of home, particularly at popular locations in the larger cities throughout the country. We also have booked advertorials in the October editions of the magazines Flow and vtwonen.

The online campaign in France will start on 5 October on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, supplemented with nationwide digital out of home advertising.

A PR plan will be rolled out in the United Kingdom with effect from mid-October. 

Thanks Plants commercial
Want to watch the eye-catching commercial again, click and play: 

On our own channels
Naturally we will be using our own online and content channels for this campaign. We are thus working on new articles for our website and the sister sites in other countries. We are also seeking to collaborate with various influencers in the core countries to deliver an ode to plants. will also offer a white paper for consumers to download with extensive information about what plants do for you and the benefits of having more plants in your home, based on and backed up with a variety of scientific research. It will be interesting reading for all plant lovers, encouraging consumers to settle down and take it all in. 

Available campaign materials
Join in on the campaign and make use of the posters in your own shops. The campaign materials can be downloaded to print, free of charge, via the below links. The consumer white paper about plants can be downloaded from later in the autumn, and can also serve as interesting reading material for your own plant promotions (please credit

Poster Thanks Plants! A1

Poster Thanks Plants! A3

Poster Thanks Plants "Stress Relief" A1

Poster Thanks Plants "Stress Relief" A3

Poster Thanks Plants "Reconnect with Nature" A1

Poster Thanks Plants "Reconnect with Nature" A3

Poster Thanks Plants "Health & Wellbeing" A1

Poster Thanks Plants "Health & Wellbeing" A3

Poster Thanks Plants "For making me feel good" A1

Poster Thanks Plants "For making me feel good" A3

Thanks Plants Counter Display A4

Thanks Plants Counter Display A3

Want to find out more?
If you would like to find out more about this campaign, please contact Chanel de Kock, country manager United Kingdom on


Thanks Plants!
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