The gerbera can be found on the Flower Agenda from weeks 14 to 19

The gerbera is at the centre in weeks 14 to 19 of the Flower Agenda at, where your customers can read everything there is to know about this fresh, colourful flower that suits any form of styling or event. Will you also be focusing on this popular and versatile flower over the coming weeks? 

What is that, the Flower Agenda?
The Flower Agenda 2015 presents 15 flowers, arranged according to the season in which they are available. The agenda tells consumers the history of the flower, and provides them with inspiration and beautiful images. The agenda can be found at and the content is designed in such a way that it can easily be shared via social media.

900 million gerberas per year
The gerbera is an odourless flower that belongs to the Asteraceae, or Compositae family - a family that originates in South Africa, Asia, South America and Tasmania. The gerbera is a popular flower; in the Netherlands, as many as 900 million gerberas are produced every year.

Colours and shapes of gerbera
Colour followed by even more colour; that is what the gerbera offers you! The basic colours of gerbera are white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green. The flower may also consist of two colours, multiple colours or a range of colours derived from the basic colours. The beautiful centre of this flower can be black or green. To summarise: there is plenty of choice of colour. The shape is downright cheerful. Have you noticed that when a child draws a flower, it is in the shape of the gerbera?

Consumer tips for caring for gerberas
If you give your customers the following tips, they will get the most out of their gerberas:
•    Cut off part of the stem using a sharp knife.
•    Use a clean (glass) vase and fill it with around 7 cm of water. Use cut flower food for a mixed bouquet.
•    Make sure that the ambient temperature is correct (maximum of 20°C).
•    Don't place gerberas in a draught, in direct sunlight, by the fire or next to the fruit bowl.

How to make a gerbera bouquet
Gerberas can be used to make very stylish, cheerful bouquets. You can create a bulky appearance by taking a sturdy dish in which you combine the gerberas with fritillaria meleagris, asparagus, lilac and rose. On the photo, you will also see a beautifully styled bouquet in a glass vase, in which the gerbera, the freesia, the chrysanthemum and the chaenomeles japonica are thriving. The bound bouquet is composed of gerberas, mimosa and tulips. Beautiful in all its simplicity!

Symbolic of the gerbera
Officially, the gerbera doesn't have a symbolic meaning, but with its colourful and sunny appearance, the flower stands for cheerful and cosy. Its presence means "You make everything better!".

The Flower Agenda 2015
The Flower Agenda is an initiative of in consultation with FloraHolland and the VBW - parties that have selected the fifteen flowers on the agenda. With the agenda, the Flower Council of Holland is meeting the requirement for seasonal flowers, product-specific promotions and flowers that are available all year round to put in window displays for consumers. The Flower Agenda 2015 consists of the following flowers:

•    Weeks 20 to 22            Peony
•    Weeks 23 to 26            Lily
•    Weeks 27 to 30            Sunflower
•    Weeks 30 to 32            Calla
•    Weeks 32 to 35            Hortensia
•    Weeks 36 to 40            Chrysanthemum
•    Weeks 40 to 42            Alstroemeria
•    Weeks 42 to 45            Lisianthus
•    Weeks 45 to 48            Orchid
•    Weeks 48 to 52            Amaryllis

Bloemenagenda 2015 Gerbera
Flower Agenda 2015 Gerbera
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