Valentine's Day 2018 Campaign

Flower Council of Holland takes aim at Valentine’s Day with campaign for ‘haters’.

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A recent survey reveals 40% of people across Europe do not like Valentine's Day that much. In fact, 60% think it's far more romantic to be surprised with roses on any day other than Valentine's Day.  Commissioned by the Flower Council of Holland, the survey was conducted in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. It revealed that 56% of couples don’t plan on doing anything special for Valentine's Day anymore. For one of the world's largest promoters of flowers sold on February 14, it seems like like bad news. Is romance officially dead?

Surprisingly, the Flower Council has taken the unusual step of totally agreeing with the survey results. Our refreshing new campaign #❤365 tells people “It's ok to hate Valentine's Day. There are 365 days to say I love you with flowers.” We want people to follow their hearts, not their calendars, and be romantic ANY day of the year.

To achieve this we’ve supplied a series of sharp and witty point of sale signs for florists to use across Europe to help sell flowers to people who don’t buy anything for Valentine’s Day. 

It's ok to hate Valentine's Day

Our general sentiment can be seen in some of the quotes developed into our campaign from our survey. You can download the below images to use on your own social channels to promote this message, or print them out as POS for your shops.

The Flower Council of Holland has taken the pressure off Valentine’s Day obligations and allowed us to be romantic any day we feel like it. But our unique campaign also cleverly extends the sales period of flowers way beyond the normal 14 February peak. A win for lovers and haters!

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It's ok to hate Valentine's Day
It's ok to hate Valentine's Day
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