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Flower Council of Holland conducts GBD survey to gauge support among traders

19 December 2023

During the week of 15-21 January 2024, traders and wholesalers will once again have the opportunity to participate in an online survey to gauge support for the introduction of a General Binding Declaration (GBD) for financing the collective activities of the Flower Council of Holland. 

Bloemenbureau Holland

In early September, a representative group of traders reached agreement on a new tax base contingent on sales turnover. The votes cast by growers in the survey of March/April 2023 remain valid, with the majority of growers (79%) voting in support of a GBD. This means that a new survey to gauge support among traders is all that is needed to determine whether an application for a General Binding Declaration (GBD) for growers and traders can be submitted. 

New basis
The point of departure for the initiating traders is a simple and feasible tax base for traders. Under the new calculation method, the paid amount is based on total sales turnover (i.e. no longer on the purchase value) at holding company level for trading companies established in the Netherlands. Traders and wholesalers pay based on consolidated turnover if over 50 percent of their total sales come from trade in flowers and house-plants. The new tax base has three sliding scales: 0.06 percent of the first €33 million in total sales turnover, followed by 0.05 percent of sales turnover between €33 and €150 million. Above this amount, a rate of 0.03 percent of consolidated sales turnover will be applicable.

Online vote
The new tax base for traders will be presented in the upcoming support survey. Directors, owners and major shareholders of trading companies established in the Netherlands are eligible to participate in an online vote from 15-21 January 2024.

The survey is being carried out by the independent research firm Motivaction.