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Christmas is blooming

06 April 2022

A market study into the role of flowers during the Festive season

When thinking of Christmas, no type of flora is more closely associated with the holiday than the Christmas tree. With variations of the original O Christmas tree in multiple languages, the Christmas tree is deeply rooted in the holiday. Still, this does not mean that there is no place for flowers during this period. We asked market research agency Motivaction to look into how consumers in our four core countries appreciate flowers and plants during Christmas. This study shows that flowers are very welcome over the Festive period.

Christmas celebrations

Christmas is blooming
Christmas is widely celebrated in Europe. In 2021, 86% of consumers in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands celebrated this holiday. In both France and the United Kingdom, 89% of the respondents celebrated Christmas, with 83% in the Netherlands and 82% in Germany. Consumers mostly celebrated the holiday at home, although around a third did celebrate it at friends or family as well. Only 9% solely celebrated somewhere else instead of at home.

Seasonal decoration
During the Christmas period, consumers tend to decorate their house in a seasonal fashion. Last year, 72% of consumers bought a Christmas product such as flowers, a tree, and/or plants. German and French consumers bought such products most often, in particular Christmas trees: 54% of German consumers and 47% of French consumers bought one.

This percentage lies at 31% in both the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Here, we see that Aesthetic Explorers, our main target audience, are more prone to buying a Christmas tree, at an average of 57%.

Although a large part of the consumers will self-evidently get a Christmas tree, it’s not the only green they think is suitable for this holiday. Of the Aesthetic Explorers, 81% believe that Christmas and flowers are a good match. This shows, as popular floral decorations are Christmas bouquets (22%), Christmas (flower) arrangements (20%), a plant (18%), and potted bulbs (16%). The bouquet is the most popular in France (29%), while (flower) arrangements are the most popular in the Netherlands (28%). Aesthetic Explorers are most likely to buy a bouquet for Christmas (42%), but they also enjoy getting a Christmas arrangement (26%), plant (29%), or potted bulbs (25%).

The season of giving
Consumers not only like buying Christmas-themed flora, but also enjoy receiving them as a gift from their guests. 54% of consumers indicate that they like to receive flowers or a Christmas bouquet from guests. The rate of consumers that enjoy bringing flowers is slightly lower, at 40%. Lastly, over a third likes to use flowers in their own home during Christmas, at 38% of the consumers. Both French consumers and the Aesthetic Explorers particularly like to receive, bring, and/or use flowers at home during this period.

Future takeaways
Motivaction’s research shows that flowers are well-liked during the Christmas period, especially by our primary target audience. We will take this outcome and use it to optimise future communication regarding Christmas and flowers. 

More information
For more information, please contact Monique Kemperman, Campaign Manager, via mkemperman@bloemenbureauholland.nl.

April 2022