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Keeping flowers and plants top of mind during the coronavirus crisis

25 March 2020

Like everyone in our sector, the Flower Council of Holland has been heavily impacted by the difficult situation in which our industry currently finds itself as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Our goal is to keep flowers and plants top of mind with consumers and to encourage them to make purchases. This is more important than ever during these difficult times. 

Over the past week we have therefore been busy launching and implementing a number of activities.

In collaboration with Royal FloraHolland and the VGB we carried out the successful giveaway of flowers to healthcare staff which received a lot of regional and national media attention.

We are currently working on a publicity campaign aimed at maintaining consumers’ awareness of flowers during the coronavirus crisis. The plan is for the campaign to go live in the four core countries very shortly, and it will be boosted through (social) media in various ways in each country, depending on the degree of availability of product in the various sales outlets in each country. 

We are supporting (groups of) growers, traders and sales outlets with guidelines, recommendations and suggestions for communicating about flowers and plants in their own media in a relevant and encouraging way during this period of crisis. 

The Flower Council is currently also involved with Flowers4Oxygen, and has been asked to help generate additional media interest, particularly abroad. Discussions are also taken place with various retail organisations about organising joint activities. We are in constant discussion with PSPs and trade organisations that are approaching us about collaboration, suggestions or creative input in various areas. 

All Flower Council employees are working hard to keep presenting consumers with positive messages about flowers and plants. We are also making every effort to get through this difficult period with the sector, together. 

For more information and any questions please contact Dennis van der Lubbe on d.van.der.lubbe@bloemenbureauholland.nl