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The Flower Council of Holland shares the floriculture sector’s concerns about the consequences of the coronavirus crisis

17 March 2020

The Flower Council of Holland shares the enormous concerns of the floriculture sector, which is currently badly affected by the coronavirus crisis. Our thoughts also go out to the victims of the coronavirus and to the many other sectors that are being hit hard.

The floriculture industry, which is worth 6.2 billion euro (our country’s third-largest export sector), provides employment for 150,000 people. As an organisation we are in close contact with parties including Royal FloraHolland and the VGB in order to determine how we should respond to the current situation. We are constantly monitoring conditions in the European markets, where physical shops are being forced to shut and frontiers are being closed, in order to see how we can make an effective contribution to support the sector with our communications around flowers and plants. 

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