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The Green Gallery sees out 2016 with The Golden Issue

25 November 2016

The fifth issue of online magazine The Green Gallery is now live. Again, this issue explores how nature inspires our contributors from all around the world to create breathtaking floral works. For this issue, The Green Gallery has worked with leading photographers, artists, trendwatchers and social influencers who are - above all - lovers of flowers and plants.  

The Golden issue
Image removed.The festive months should glitter, sparkle and shine. It's a season that calls for love, warmth, extravagance, and a big glowing gesture. The Green Gallery honours the incredible diversity of nature for its extraordinarily rich decorative opulence, shiny veins, and rich flowers and plants. In this issue The Green Gallery celebrates true gold: nature. 

Golden treasures 
The floral heart opens with Roberta Baily's fabulous floral portraits. The humble and endearing Physalis, enveloped in a fragile paper-like cacoon in warm colours. Not only a tribute to the golden Cape gooseberry, but a reminder of our human need to nestle, cherish and protect what we love. For show-stopping greenery we were drawn to the allure of the 1920s. You will be swept away by plant-filled artistic spaces packed with mysterious floral bouquets. A sensual ‘roaring gathering’. As stimulating to the senses as the orange tree, which has served as a source of inspiration as far back as the 15th century and still captivates artists today.

More on The Green Gallery
Discover this and much more floral inspiration in the latest issue of The Green Gallery. The Green Gallery will be appearing again next year. Issue #6 will be published in Spring 2017.

See the online magazine at Thegreengallery.com.

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