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The Houseplants for 2016 have been announced

08 June 2015

The successful ‘Houseplant of the Month’ campaign will continue in 2016. This campaign shows off the wide and deep range of houseplants from the Netherlands.  It also enables us to provide the press and consumers with news about plants every month, with the ultimate aim of persuading consumers that you feel better with plants around you, and therefore to buy more plants. We are thereby also offering the trade and the sales outlets a year-round programme in which to engage.

How are the products selected? 

The list of plants has been created in collaboration with the product specialists at FloraHolland. A number of criteria have been taken into account in making the selection. Hence a product may only be promoted once every three years, in order to serve as many product groups as possible. In order to guarantee good availability, there must be at least four growers who produce the plant or group of plants, and the products must have good supply over a period of seven months (with the exception of one or two seasonal products). We also consider whether the plants are of interest to consumer, and the consumer press, and fit in with the current mood. As in 2015, the plants will be photographed within the context of the green trends. New for 2016 is the fact that we have created a number of appealing product combinations, and as a result, some smaller products are also receiving joint coverage.

Product list 2016

January Indoor trees (Beaucarnea, Polyscias, Dracaene, Pachira)
February Narcissi
March White Fragrant Plants (Gardenia, Stephanotis, Jasmin)
April Peperomia
May Blooming Tropical Plants (Medinilla, Gloriosa, Anigozanthos)
June Zamioculcas
July Rose Pot
August Cacti
September Hanging Plants
October Chinese Evergreen
November Speciality Orchids (Cattleya, Paphiopedilum, Zygopetalum, Brassia, Dendrobium nobilé)
December Azalea












The list is being published now in order to give the various sales channels and producers enough time to plan ahead and to encourage them to develop their own sales promotions in order to benefit from all the attention.