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Third edition of The Green Gallery is live

19 May 2016

The third edition of online magazine The Green Gallery has been published. In this edition, devoted entirely to flowers, the magazine once again celebrates nature in an exuberant and contemporary manner. With artistic and inspirational content, The Green Gallery allows its readers to experience every aspect of nature by collaborating with high-profile flower lovers, leading trendwatchers, artists and photographers.

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This spring edition, the theme ‘Shifting blooms in Spring’, celebrates nature coming into bloom. We are seeing the first buds turn into impressive flowering spring blooms and won’t avert our gaze as they age and perish over time. Beauty can also be found in the decay - that’s the wonder of Mother Nature's spell.

In this edition, The Green Gallery is putting a flower girl of a certain age in the spotlight. She shows us that we – just like flowers – come in different ages, shapes and sizes and we’re all equally beautiful.  When you make that personal decision to remain beautiful, you will never lose your youthful ‘pizzaz’.

Even more or less forgotten flowers such as limonium, asclepia and bouvardia, are being given a podium. They are not so much forgotten because of their age, but rather because of a certain Zeitgeist. Trendy or not, they are worth seeing, just like the anemone is being seen, and has been inspiring artists, poets, fashion designers and designers for years. To illustrate this idea, three contemporary artists created their own interpretation of Cornelis van Spaendonck’s historical masterpiece, which resulted in an inspirational and diverse tableau.

While dreaming the hours away of long tables covered in luxurious, lightly fragranced spring flowers and jasmine.  Let yourself be inspired by the beautiful floral styling within, or lose yourself in the personal stories of Beth Kirby of the blog ‘Local Milk’ and Katie Searle-Williams, founder of the extremely popular Kinfolk Magazine. They will tell you all there is to know about the enormous love and respect they have for nature. Discover this and much more in the latest edition of The Green Gallery, which is now available online. Later this year, The Green Gallery will publish a further two editions.

About The Green Gallery
Online magazine The Green Gallery allows consumers to experience the beauty of flowers and plants in a completely unique way:aesthetic, raw, feminine, enchanting and contemporary. The magazine is an online gallery in which flowers and plants are presented as a muse for lovers of fashion, food, design, art and interiors. The Green Gallery is available in Dutch, German, English and French and is published several times a year.

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