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Punk-Rebooted Style Trend

This style trend is about power, freedom and rules. A shift in power is oppressing our sense of freedom. We need to obey a lot of rules, but we don’t know who will be making the rules tomorrow. That makes us rebellious and unsettled - we want to work it out for ourselves. But how, at a time when society is hardening and coarsening? 

Punk-Rebooted in the interior 

In interiors this trend leads to rugged indoor spaces with an anarchistic look. Products with sharp shapes and rough, industrial materials are made up of parts of other products, giving them a recycled feel. Flowers and plants are also used in an unorthodox way - existing rules about use and application are irrelevant.   

Stijltrend Punk Rebooted_indoor_Bloemenbureau Holland

Punk-Rebooted outdoor

In the garden this trend translates into rough, almost unclaimed patches of land where nature demands attention in unexpected ways. Borders are intersected by other materials. This creates a rough, messy but relaxed outdoor space where nature appears to be winning, despite everything. The message is: grant nature its freedom, even if it’s just replacing a paving slab with some greenery.   

The shapes are raw, rough, quirky, sharp and pointy. They appear to express a personal opinion, and go against convention. 

Think of contrasting colours and lots of black, with red as the statement colour. Green, beige and skin tones soften the vivid contrast. 

Indoor colour chart

Kleuren stijltrend Punk Rebooted indoor

Outdoor colour chart

Kleuren stijltrend Punk Rebooted outdoor

The materials used are rugged, industrial and unpolished and are sometimes used in an unorthodox way. They express protest, rebelling against the established order.   

The patterns are an industrial copy of luxurious materials. Hence marble patterns are used on enamel or plastic. We also see scratched sufraces, spot and splash patterns, and symbols like the peace sign.