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Re-assemble Style Trend

This style trend focuses on the creative combination of new and old elements. It’s not about a spotless new creation - we’re building products or spaces out of existing, sometimes contradictory elements. This turns a living space into a three-dimensional collage. Products, shapes, colours and materials are combined creatively with strong contrasts to form a cheerful new whole.   

Re-assemble in the interior 

An explosion of creativity gives rise to a fresh new language of shapes. Unforced and easy - everything can be combined and replaced, to give a different, playful look every time. Flowers and plants play a creative role; for example, try hanging up a bouquet. Arrangements are airy and consist of loose elements.  

Stijltrend Re-assemble_indoor_Bloemenbureau Holland

Re-assemble outdoors

This trend turns the garden into a three-dimensional patchwork. Different styles, functions, spatial experiences and materials are combined together. Surfaces overlap or appear to be stuck together randomly. This gives the garden a flexible feel, and it never seems to be finished. Different types of borders are abutted with a light touch. This gives to a great diversity of plants.   

The shapes used are random and varied, and appear to be accidentally stuck together, stacked or merged. This create a collage-like effect.  

The colour palette is also diverse: bright, pastel, natural and faded. The variety of greens in the colour chart particular apply to living greenery.   

Colour Chart - Indoors 

Kleurkaart stijltrend Re-Assemble indoor

Colour Chart - Outdoors 

Kleurkaart stijltrend Re-Assemble outdoor

Materials are both new and recycled. Alongside plastics there are natural materials, paper, cardboard and recycled sheet material. In the garden recycled materials again reinforce the nonchalant feel.  

Inspiration for the patterns come from anywhere and everywhere. Patterns are often used in discombobulating colour combinations, for example a green leopard print. Different patterns are also combined together as a patchwork.