Flower Council of Holland at IFTEX Kenya

Strengthening relations with Kenyan growers

At the end of May, the International Floriculture Industry Trade Exposition (IFTEX) took place in Kenya. The Flower Council of Holland attended the exposition in Nairobi for the first time and spoke to the local growers and other companies.  

Increase awareness
SimonFlower Council of Holland at IFTEX Kenyae Dussine and Marco van der Sar were at the IFTEX as representatives of the Flower Council. There were two main goals: the first was to take inventory of how aware the parties in Kenya are of what we do. With the appointment of Riya Bunti Shah as the Flower Council’s local ambassador, it became apparent that we need to increase awareness of this. Our IFTEX attendance was a first step to address this.

Our second goal was to emphasise that we also represent products from outside the Netherlands in our consumer promotions. Kenyan growers represent a significant part of the import flows Royal FloraHolland facilitates. This makes the growers paying stakeholders of the Flower Council. For this reason, it is key that we make it clear that our promotional activities are also in their interest, as these activities take place in the main sales markets of the Kenyan growers.

Our meetings during the IFTEX held valuable insights. Based on the key learnings and the insights Riya has shared with us, we will schedule follow-up meetings later this year. During these meetings, we will share our strategy, activities, and results with the local entrepreneurs in various regions.

More information
For more information, please contact Simone Dussine, Manager Country Management and Corporate Communication, via sdussine@bloemenbureauholland.nl.

July 2022