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Houseplant of the Month, Alocasia, at west elm for the month of September. Thejoyofplants have taken over the storefont window with a beautiful display installed by Ian Drummond, showcasing all the beautiful varieties of Alocasia in London's trendy Fitzrovia.

Alocasia, a tropical superstar, will not only junglefy west elm's flagship store, but it also aims to inspire shoppers to consider plants as part of their interiors when shopping within west elm's well known Brooklyn-style aesthetic. The plants will be displayed in the store's window rooms set, alongside west elm's latest Autumn collections in west elm's latest new season planters. Customers can help themselves to in-store leaflets available with care tips for Alocasia, and a reminder to visit for the latest DIY tips, plant trends, and all-round information for the most popular houseplants.

Jungles and superstars
Ian Drummond, author of At Home with Plants and silver medal winner at this year's Chelsea Flower Show, has sourced a selection of top quality Alocasia plants in a wide range of Alocasia varieties: The ever popular Alocasia × amazonica , or 'Polly', Colocasia, also known as 'Giant Elephant Ear plant', Bambino Arrow with it's distinctive, sharp leaves, and many more. There's a tropical superstar to match everyone's taste, and we will show that there is always room for one more plant in your urban jungle, dense or not.
With our aim to turn everyone's fingers green, is the go-to guide for anyone attempting to get started, or to learn how to keep houseplants alive. The more serious indoor gardeners head to for the latest style inspirations and green trends.

This partnership also shows how easy it is for retailers to get on board with the Houseplant of the Month campaign and how to turn heads of shoppers passing by.

Houseplant of the Month at west elm
Alocasia will be at west elm throughout the month of September.
Every month until December, will introduce a new houseplant to west elm's customers: October will host a selection of 'Pure Green' plants with air-purifying qualities to inform shoppers of the benefits of plants in their homes, and advise on which plants are the most efficient for removing toxins from the air. Ironically, our selection of Pure Green plants will take stage on one of the city's most polluted streets, Tottenham Court Road.
In November, Cyclamen will be put on a pedestal, and in December we will see the year out with the festive Amaryllis by showcasing how to display this traditional Holiday plant with a modern twist.

Don't forget to see our top DIY tip especially created for Alocasia, guaranteed to make any interior pop. Click here for our step-by-step guide.

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Ian Drummond is Creative Director of Indoor Garden Design and has won many awards; including Gold and Silver Gilt and Best in Show Medals at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. He writes a monthly column in Pro Landscaper and is an RHS Committee member, and is co-author of the recently published At Home with Plants – an inspirational guide on how to transfer interior spaces using plants as a design feature. 
Indoor Garden Design has been bringing nature into offices, hotels, shops and restaurants for more than 40 years.

Alocasia is September Houseplant of the Month.

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